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The Makeup Confident Bride

The Makeup Confident Bride

Effortless, picture-perfect skin and makeup rate high on any bride-to-be’s list!  Planning, organising and prioritising never ceases during the engagement period!  Dress, cake, flowers, photography, decorations, seating plans… it can be very overwhelming!

Beautiful skin and makeup are on the list, however, it will be a long way DOWN the list! Essential skincare regime and makeup plan is an early necessity for that list! Check out any bridal magazine to see the skin care recommendations commencing 12 months prior to your wedding date!

Kristie's Secret

My recommended Treatment solution is Nutrimetics AHA Complex Peel Creme which removes dead skin, clears pore blockages and restores healthy skin function. Keep this essential beauty product on the bed side table and apply as you jump into bed! Skin cell renewal happens every night between 2am and 3am!

See previous Cornflakes, Raisin and Grape blog!

Let's face it

(pardon the pun)

We have to look at our wedding photos for the rest of our lives, so we want our skin to be in peak condition.

Makeup styling

Makeup styling is a very personal preference for each bride.

Every Makeup Artist should be skilled to enhance the natural beauty of the bridal party. Always be conscious that any formal makeup needs to be fuller than what you normally wear because of the lights/flashes associated with photography. I have popped up a few little guide points for you when discussing your makeup needs.


Ensure on the wedding day an excellent primer is used prior to foundation application.  I recommend a full, lasting, coverage that is non-caking, as well as allowing the skin/pores to breathe.

Professional Flawless Air Serum Foundation

by Nutrimetics

This product creates a weightless, radiant and undetectable second skin – this is our airbrushing foundation in a delicate eye dropper application and specialised foundation brush!  This formula blurs imperfections.

NC Cover Rich Foundation

by Nutrimetics

This product is formulated to deliver a full breathable foundation that effortlessly smooths and perfects any skin complexion. This foundation will go the distance providing a great coverage for your day.


Nutrimetics has excelled in this area with their many options for mascaras.  Most other companies use tar and boot polish in their mascaras – EEEEKKKK! However, Nutrimetics mascaras are naturally lined with beeswax. (this helps with wedding tears)

NC Lash Impact

by Nutrimetics

This revolutionary formula moisturises, softens and nourishes lashes, while delivering impeccable colour intensity and lash definition that won’t smudge when in contact with water.

Kristie's Quick Tip

To create a longer thicker looking lash, apply product underneath the lash as well as on top of the lash, curling your wand as you apply.


NEVER EVER miss the blush!  You will look like a pale canvas painting if you skip this amazing product!

Kristie's Quick Tip

Start high on the cheekbones and work down and across in circular brushes.  The trick to blush is building slowly until you have a nice desired cheekbone!


Luscious tantalizing lips bring the whole makeup look together!  Nutrimetics has a beautiful collection of colours to parade you down the aisle.

NC Lightning Lip Gloss

by Nutrimetics

High gloss finish with built-in LED light and mirror for quick and easy touch-ups. This non-sticky formula gives lips a luscious shine in a choice of soft and bold colours, while the automatic light and built-in mirror ensure precise application anywhere, anytime.

Kristie's Quick Tip

Create a fun plump glossy lip by applying a beautiful Lightning Lip Gloss over lipstick. Enhancing the ‘cupids bow and middle of bottom lip’ for a lovely dewy moist kissable lip. Simply Stunning!

Skincare Analysis & Makeup Pre-trial

Of course, there are many other aspects to your bridal makeup!  An easy way to avoid some wedding day makeup blues is to ensure that you book in for a pre-trial. Just fill in the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll get in touch so you can enjoy your complimentary Skin Care Analysis and Makeup Pre-trial.



Did you attend the City Golf Club Bridal Expo (Australia) on 25th February 2018?


Fill out your details below for your complimentary Bridal Skin Care Analysis and Makeup Pre-trial valued at $150!!

Every submission will receive a pamper product when an appointment time is held!  Adding another $50 value!

That’s $200 value FREE!

 Kristie x

Fill Me Out to Book Your Pre-trial!

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I have noticed you bbloggers……….

I have noticed you bbloggers……….

WOW – there are so many amazing bbloggers out there!  I have been consumed by reading so much information, hints and tricks, product reviews, application techniques – thank you for sharing your knowledge and fun! I have LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!

I am very intrigued by premium brands with their beauty products.  The Premium brands category is determined by result based feedback rather than sales based.  Premium Brands Category has a list of approximately 50 different and innovative companies. Names you will all know – Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clairns, Jurlique, Dermalogica, Dior, Aesop, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Ultraceuticals and Arbonne!  However did you know that Nutrimetics actually benchmarks in line with all of these amazing organisations. As well we are celebrating our 50th Birthday!!

FB_IMG_1519003724779So here it is, if you have not been fortunate enough to try our gorgeous products I challenge you to jump on and grab yourselves a product or two to review! View our sales brochures under the ebrochure tab 😉

Check out this YouTube clip with our new & improved Microdermabrasion!
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2018 is the year Nutrimetics is getting LOUD!
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Do you want what I have 🙂  – pop me a message!

I would be excited to chat with you! Kx

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Is it Wheelie Bin day yet!?

Is it Wheelie Bin day yet!?

Stop for a minute……..when did you last have some ‘Me’ Time – I am not just talking about sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of your favourite brew, I am saying for us girls, when did you take the time to enjoy applying your makeup, stopping to paint your nails (and toe nails to match), using a hair masque or enjoying a nice hot tub with some gorgeous products.  For most of us getting to the bathroom without a child or animal following you seems to be a major achievement! 🙂

Life just gets busier and busier, demands and deadlines, dates and times! images-39 Go there, pick up this, a loooong line up at the bank and would you mind being on the local volunteer group!  Breathing……we generally say ‘Yes sure’……afterall we do not want to disappoint people.

Why then when someone suggest some self care we find it so difficult, why do we say ‘I wish, have no time’?????  Have you peered in with envy at those Nail Cafes and seen people indulging in a foot spa!  Oooooh, I wish!!!

Self Care is an essential ingredient for survival in this fast paced World.  We need to pull ourselves back from the brink, the emotional breakdowns and the life crushing burnouts. Self Care does not even need to take you 20 minutes, BUT Self Care DOES require practise! So I hear you saying – well yeah it sounds lovely, but when!!!????

Here is the secret……… not ‘shush it’…..instead GET LOUD and share it!! Its a funny little trick, but it works……….are your giggles ready…………. 🙂 🙂 🙂


The day the Wheelie Bin goes out……is the day we practice our
Self Care!

Yep, you have a WHOLE 24 hours, to practice a 5 or 10 minute Self Care essential!  Create yourself a menu of quick, sweet delights for your busy lifestyle!


<3 Lather in an enriched glorious enticing Nutri Rich Shower Oil
<3 Exfoliate your heels/elbows in the shower with a firm sensual
Nutri Rich Hand and Body Polish
<3 Give yourself a sexy shimmer with a spray of our luxurious Nutri Rich Body Satin to          ensure your GF are Self Caring as well! (pssstt…….a ridiculous $39 each)
<3 Grab a box of botanically enhanced Shower Gels (psstt only $40 for 5 box set)

Replenish, Refresh and Relax with a Wheelie Bin Day Essential Self Care!

Find these Self Care Essential products and more at

Cornflakes, Raisins & Grapes

Cornflakes, Raisins & Grapes

Food! Food! Food! It is the one concept that most humans understand and love!  And until we saw shows like My Kitchen Rules, Great Australian Bakeoff and Masterchef, our repretore of food language was pretty limited! However, I am sure everyone would know what a simple cornflake, raisin and grape was 🙂

In my last blog I spoke about ‘the experience’, people receiving the <3 warm and fuzzy <3 when dealing with a business when they want to purchase product.   To give a reason for the need of a beauty product, I have found is a sure-thing for a customer to buy.  Lets look at the idea of using food in explaining why the need for a complete skincare regime would benefit our skin.  Remembering our skin is the largest organ in/on our bodies that needs to be looked after just as much as the lungs, heart and kidneys.

The first layer of our skin is called the epidermis!  The epidermis provides a waterproof barrier, protects the inner layers and creates our skin tone. Our second layer is the dermis, this is where hair follicles and sweat glands hang out, and our third layer is deeper tissue known as the hypodermis – made from fat and connective tissue!


Got it???? – Yeah right the average person is going to remember that as soon as they leave the room! Lets change it now into laymens terms or in this instance FOOD – simple glorious FOOD!

The first layer of our skin we are going to recognise as cornflakes, our second layer raisins and our third layer the grape. You can see the image I have posted, that will stay in your mind – its easy to remember.

Putting this concept into play with beauty now!  Cornflakes can represent the dead layer of skin on top.  If we ever tried to put a mosituriser or foundation on a cornflake you will find it is never going to sit flush on the skin.  If you have ever complained about a premium handcreme that has never absorbed and sits ‘wet’ on top of the skin, it is more than likely you have this layer of cornflakes (dead skin) sitting on top. An exfoliation designed for the sensitivity of the face or body is what will remove this gross layer.

🙁 A little gross (but fascinating) fact – each of us will loose a two-storey home full of dead skin over our life time!!  Ewwwwwww………………..

🙂 A little hint – if you exfoliate your legs before shaving, you will find it will last up to two weeks longer – because you are taking away the dead skin and your razor will only catch hair.

Removal of the cornflakes exposes our second layer affectionately know as the raisin!  The raisin is the skin exposed, vulnerable and where our aging process can really get comfortable – you know like a couch potato!  It needs stimulation and motivation! hahahah 🙂 🙂 If we do not look after this layer with our skincare regime of cleansing and toning, it becomes shrivelled up like a raisin.  We need to ensure that we moisturise our raisin, so our next layer of skin can be nice and plump like a juicy healthy grape!

Cornflakes, Raisin and Grapes = Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning and Moisturising

Products I can recommend from Australias Number 1 Skincare Company – Nutrimetics!

NO animal testing
Vegan products available (message me)
Plant Based


Nutrimetics Heritage Collection (Apricot Packaging) – Skin Clean, Skin Fresh and Nutri Moist complimented with Honey & Almond Scrub for exfoliation – enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter.images-28Restore Skincare (purple packaging) – Softening Cleansing Creme – Foaming Cleansing Lotion, and Anti Ageing Day Creme, complimented with Grape Seed Powder Exfoliating Creme.  Our restore collection is enriched with Grape See Oil (we grow our very own crops in NZ) and have Vitamin A, C and E to address the ageing process.

All over bodycare products also available.

Order your Cornflakes, Raisin and Grape solution here for Australia (only $8.95 postage) or internationally please message me!

Its about the experience!

Its about the experience!

Once upon a time, a very immaculate, perfect hair, perfect makeup lady (with matching skirt and suit jacket) would appear at your door, carrying just about everything except the kitchen sink, she would set up shop in your lounge room and bore the ‘crazies’ out of you flicking page by page through a brochure! An escape plan was nearly needed for the looooong drawn out process of listening to her scripted voice and made view ALL the products she had bought along!  PHEW – hard work honey! Thank goodness the party plan gods realised that women are able to read these days and we can see that page 3 has mascaras on sale!!

Lucky for us time brings along necessary changes, connection with ladies has become personalised, relaxed, quick, one on one if need and ultimately about a pleasant experience.  So here we were thinking party plan had shrivelled up and died, when in fact it has really become the opposite.

This method of shopping has become THE preferred way people would like to shop – it is now about the experience! Big retailers like Myers and David Jones have discovered what Direct Selling has been doing all along.  Their customers are now wanting to feel, touch, smell and try the product before purchasing.  Myer has clued up to offering Makeup Classes with their MAC products at $120 per head for a 1.5 hour tutorial. You will receive hints/tricks for makeup application and personalised Makeup colour chart. Once the session has been completed, the customer then is able to place their order. Of course it works!!! A great concept that is for certain. See above advertisement taken from the Myer website.

Direct Selling company like Nutrimetics has been offering this complimentary experience for 50 years. Grab your girlfriends, then relax with some bubbles and nibbles in the comfort of your own home!  As with Myers, you receive all the product information, sample everything and receive the personalised colour chart!  The only catch is it WILL NOT cost you $120! I know I would love the experience of the workshop AND my $120 to spent how I choose on product 🙂

Direct Selling is very much alive and happening! Party plan attracts 10 sales per minute across Australia. Just think about that for a minute……..not in a store………rather an in-home sale!

Australia is punching above our weight in regards to direct selling sales per capita”Gillian Stapleton, Executive Director – Direct Selling Association. Australia has been ranked 20th in the World for Direct Selling sales – our population is 24.5 million people, compared to 82 million in Germany, 127 million in Japan, 324 million in the USA and over 1 billion each for India and China!  Not a shabby result for Australia at all!  Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

Here’s a thought to leave you with now you have some of the facts.  Support the in-home businesses!!! These woman are just like you and me, some are Mums with young children, some have only casual/part time hours and need more income, some people because of physical restrictions can only work a few hours a day – if you know someone in party plan – whether it be Nutrimetics, Tupperware, Envy Jewellery, Lorraine Lea Linen or the many other opportunities out there – book in a relaxed time with the girls!  We are always saying ‘We must catch up’ – shopping, pamperings and the girls – what more could you want!

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