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Once upon a time, a very immaculate, perfect hair, perfect makeup lady (with matching skirt and suit jacket) would appear at your door, carrying just about everything except the kitchen sink, she would set up shop in your lounge room and bore the ‘crazies’ out of you flicking page by page through a brochure! An escape plan was nearly needed for the looooong drawn out process of listening to her scripted voice and made view ALL the products she had bought along!  PHEW – hard work honey! Thank goodness the party plan gods realised that women are able to read these days and we can see that page 3 has mascaras on sale!!

Lucky for us time brings along necessary changes, connection with ladies has become personalised, relaxed, quick, one on one if need and ultimately about a pleasant experience.  So here we were thinking party plan had shrivelled up and died, when in fact it has really become the opposite.

This method of shopping has become THE preferred way people would like to shop – it is now about the experience! Big retailers like Myers and David Jones have discovered what Direct Selling has been doing all along.  Their customers are now wanting to feel, touch, smell and try the product before purchasing.  Myer has clued up to offering Makeup Classes with their MAC products at $120 per head for a 1.5 hour tutorial. You will receive hints/tricks for makeup application and personalised Makeup colour chart. Once the session has been completed, the customer then is able to place their order. Of course it works!!! A great concept that is for certain. See above advertisement taken from the Myer website.

Direct Selling company like Nutrimetics has been offering this complimentary experience for 50 years. Grab your girlfriends, then relax with some bubbles and nibbles in the comfort of your own home!  As with Myers, you receive all the product information, sample everything and receive the personalised colour chart!  The only catch is it WILL NOT cost you $120! I know I would love the experience of the workshop AND my $120 to spent how I choose on product 🙂

Direct Selling is very much alive and happening! Party plan attracts 10 sales per minute across Australia. Just think about that for a minute……..not in a store………rather an in-home sale!

Australia is punching above our weight in regards to direct selling sales per capita”Gillian Stapleton, Executive Director – Direct Selling Association. Australia has been ranked 20th in the World for Direct Selling sales – our population is 24.5 million people, compared to 82 million in Germany, 127 million in Japan, 324 million in the USA and over 1 billion each for India and China!  Not a shabby result for Australia at all!  Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

Here’s a thought to leave you with now you have some of the facts.  Support the in-home businesses!!! These woman are just like you and me, some are Mums with young children, some have only casual/part time hours and need more income, some people because of physical restrictions can only work a few hours a day – if you know someone in party plan – whether it be Nutrimetics, Tupperware, Envy Jewellery, Lorraine Lea Linen or the many other opportunities out there – book in a relaxed time with the girls!  We are always saying ‘We must catch up’ – shopping, pamperings and the girls – what more could you want!

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