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Stop for a minute……..when did you last have some ‘Me’ Time – I am not just talking about sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of your favourite brew, I am saying for us girls, when did you take the time to enjoy applying your makeup, stopping to paint your nails (and toe nails to match), using a hair masque or enjoying a nice hot tub with some gorgeous products.  For most of us getting to the bathroom without a child or animal following you seems to be a major achievement! 🙂

Life just gets busier and busier, demands and deadlines, dates and times! images-39 Go there, pick up this, a loooong line up at the bank and would you mind being on the local volunteer group!  Breathing……we generally say ‘Yes sure’……afterall we do not want to disappoint people.

Why then when someone suggest some self care we find it so difficult, why do we say ‘I wish, have no time’?????  Have you peered in with envy at those Nail Cafes and seen people indulging in a foot spa!  Oooooh, I wish!!!

Self Care is an essential ingredient for survival in this fast paced World.  We need to pull ourselves back from the brink, the emotional breakdowns and the life crushing burnouts. Self Care does not even need to take you 20 minutes, BUT Self Care DOES require practise! So I hear you saying – well yeah it sounds lovely, but when!!!????

Here is the secret……… not ‘shush it’…..instead GET LOUD and share it!! Its a funny little trick, but it works……….are your giggles ready…………. 🙂 🙂 🙂


The day the Wheelie Bin goes out……is the day we practice our
Self Care!

Yep, you have a WHOLE 24 hours, to practice a 5 or 10 minute Self Care essential!  Create yourself a menu of quick, sweet delights for your busy lifestyle!


<3 Lather in an enriched glorious enticing Nutri Rich Shower Oil
<3 Exfoliate your heels/elbows in the shower with a firm sensual
Nutri Rich Hand and Body Polish
<3 Give yourself a sexy shimmer with a spray of our luxurious Nutri Rich Body Satin to          ensure your GF are Self Caring as well! (pssstt…….a ridiculous $39 each)
<3 Grab a box of botanically enhanced Shower Gels (psstt only $40 for 5 box set)

Replenish, Refresh and Relax with a Wheelie Bin Day Essential Self Care!

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