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The Younger The Better

The Younger The Better


About 3 days before my 13th birthday I was shipped off to Boarding School!
Really this is the age I left home……………

Oh the Excitement and Tribulation!!!!

Life as you know it changes forever – Mum, Dad and my sister I expect also had to adapt!  As difficult as it must have been for my parents, I know that my education was important to them and being isolated in the bush left boarding school as the only real option.

With many fond memories, and some great friends
whom are still in my life, 
boarding school was the
foundation of beauty hints, tricks and total disasters!! 

Boarding School Beauty Survival

Let’s not chat about the horrid fashions of the late 80’s – we could dress in our finest rags for church on Sunday – oh my goodness, God must have had a chuckle!  Hair – well perms, high fringes and teasing consumed a lot of time!

Our hairdryers doubled as heaters during those bitter cold months with the louvered windows lining our dormitory rooms. Grabbing our own buckets and razors, sitting in the sun on the thin timber seats shaving our legs, was a ritual social event of the week!

Foundation and makeup was frown on by our Hogan Heroes ‘Schultz-like’ German Housemistress, (google the show ‘Hogans Heros’ if you are from the younger generation), that often did not stop us from trying though! Oh and did I mention we were made to kneel down and our skirts were measured with a ruler to ensure our dignity was intact!

Let the Journey Begin……..


Boarding School, however was where my skin care journey began
Luckily my Mum, unlike many others, was conscious of the importance of
caring for our skin at a young age. 

I remember being so proud of the beautiful collection in my dorm cupboard, and would use it religiously!

As time went on, I think it became a real connection to my family when the homesickness heightened!

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise
Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise 
my brain was trained!! 

The fact of the matter is that the sooner you begin a regular regime with a quality skincare program the better!


Riding the Acne Journey

 This cutting-edge Clear Range, by Nutrimetics is specially formulated to help care for oil and problem skin.

Clear Range enriched with
Ginger Extract to 
reduce the redness out of spots  Mineralised Zinc to assist with the removal of the oil
Aloe Leaf Juice as an anti-inflammatory
Tea Tree Oil encapsulated provides a calming and purifying actions
in the targeted area.



The Clear Range is extremely well placed in the market place, contains no alcohol, no Benzoyl peroxides or any of chemical that stripes or harms young plump skin! 

I have honestly provided many tween consults and have seen bleached towels, chemical eaten holes in pillow cases from the use of incorrect, chemical filled products being used on young skin! 

These will cause so many issues later on!

 I Beg You…………


I also beg that you give the Clear Collection a ‘good go’ before committing to any antibiotic solution.
I am certainly no doctor, however I believe the Clear Range is a powerful solution for acne related issues. 

Some antibiotics do have horrendous side effects – even suicidal side effects. 
Ensure that you research and discuss these thoroughly with your GP.


Did You Know


Approximately 8 in 10 preteens and teens have acne!

Tween Tip


 Do not share makeup!


 Keep first routines simple!

Great Feature of Clear


I LOVE the feature of the Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser being numbered from 1 to 3 –
using 1 first, 2 second and 3 last on a daily basis!! 


Excellent for the beginner skincare user to have the correct steps in order.

The 5 step Clear Range Program includes an exfoliating Deep Cleanse Face Scrub, and a terrific pocket size Spot Corrector Gel.


Rehydration Necessity

Communicating with your vibrant youth the necessity of rehydrating the skin after cleaning will help them understand again how the process works.
No moisture now, will make the sebaceous glands work double time and produce excess oil to restore what has been cleaned away!




Pop through a photo of your Tween to me and I can consult further with you in regards to
exfoliation and impurity drawing products for your skincare solutions.


It is free, and it is what I do! 

 Kristie x

Free Skincare Solutions for you!

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Brow Bar

Brow Bar

We have all been there –
when our eyebrows are really an eyebrow!! 

I have a very tactful husband (I use that term loosely) when he kindly points out that maybe a ‘maintenance’ day is required to make one become two!! 

Lucky for him I appreciate the thoughtfulness
in this comment! 

Whilst Boarding School gave me an education on tweezer plucking, more efficient methods are available!

Looking after the Brows is an ongoing process, and trends change regularly in the beauty industry.

Shaping of the Brow is a great starting point when entering the world of Brow Beauty. 

Wax It

The most common method of tidying up the eyebrows is waxing.  Usually done by a beauty specialist, they apply a thick layer of hot wax to cool and set, before pulling the strip of wax of quickly, removing the stray hairs instantly!

They say like a bandaid, pull it quickly and it hurts less – well I am not sure about that theory, however I do believe the more you wax, the easier it becomes.


Threading has only became popular in the last few years though it is a century old method within Asian origins.

It is considered to be less painful than waxing for shaping the brows.  A simple process that typically involves a single piece of cotton thread. The thread is twisted and pulled along the areas of unwanted hair.


Shobha Tummala, the Indian founder of Shoba Hair Removal Salon, says threading acts like a mini-lasso, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals and unnecessary tugging on delicate skin.

Shobhas story is very interesting
click here to read more about Shobha


Shaping the brow is just the beginning to
achieving the perfect look.



nc Eyebrow Stencil Kit by Nutrimetics

2 Brow Shades, 1 Highlighter, 1 Wax

PLUS 4 Stencils & Application Brush


THE most brilliant collections on the market,
is this compact by Nutrimetics featuring all the
essential colours and tools to
achieve the perfect brow look.

Ingenius to include a wax to hold the stray wayward hairs in place, as well as the white highlighter powder to add a fine line under the brow line to give a perfect non-surgical lift to the eye.

YES PLEASE………..Application Guide

 In true Nutrimetics style, they once again have assisted our beauty needs with an application guide for using the
nc Eyebrow Kit!


Brow Pencils and Brow kits are available in the market place to colour the brow to achieve an even block look.  Now that block look can vary – it can be just left the walkway in Milan look, or it can be just to enhance and compliment the natural shape of our face and eyes.  It seems a weird thing to do initially, however colouring the brows frames the eyes, creates a larger eye area, and opens the eye for a wider look.

Handy Hint

Ensure all your waxing needs are attended to a least a week prior to a special occasion makeup wearing event, as residual product can remain on the skin causing foundations and eyeshadows to not sit flush with the skin.

Naturally lined with Beeswax

Nutrimetics has 2 Contouring Brow Pencils available
in the shades of Blonde and Bare.
Formulated with silicone and natural waxes to prevent everyday smudging, these pencils are smooth and
will subtly enhance your brows. 

Or if you prefer, build to a more dramatic look.

Practise Makes Perfect

Achieving your desired look is going to take a little practice,
whether you use an Eyebrow Pencil or Eyebrow Kit.

Do not be afraid to fill in between your natural hair.
Experiment with only doing one eyebrow and see the natural lift
this look creates.

Honestly this is a fun exercise!!


 Order today

ANY product that visually reduces the look of your age
MUST be in YOUR Makeup Bag!!  


Have your nc Eyebrow kit or nc Eyebrow Contouring Pencils shipped out to you today to compliment your natural features!

 Kristie x

Send me an additional hint for Eyebrow Pencil Application!

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Ageing Slowly and Gracefully!

Ageing Slowly and Gracefully!

I have become a recent user of Snapchat – slow I know – all these wonderful new social platforms we can play on!  My little niece loves to shock her Aunty with the crazy filters and antics she can create!  I love this interaction AND I love being able to put on filter across my own face – even if it includes bunny ears!

However, I was a little freaked out by the image before me with no filter, a close up of my face and……..

EEEEKKKKKKKK – there it was!!!!!!!! 

Wrinkles around my eyes!! ARRGHHHHHHH!!! 


Now at 45, I suppose this was going to start happening…

I am still wondering what happened to my 30s though!!

As we start to mature, we all have our own concerns –


Age Spots……………Broken Capillaries………. (sigh) Wrinkles 

Now I am not that vain that I want them to go completely…….. 

I just want to age gracefully and slllllooooowly!
(thankyou very much)

Turning 40 and beyond

There is a saying we have in the beauty circle –
when you turn 40 you earn the skin you deserve!  

If you neglect basic skincare, expect uneven skin and to age quicker. 

It is NEVER too early to start looking after you skin! 


 Yes that includes Eye Crème!


Kristie’s did you know………………

 In actual fact, the layers of skin around our eyes are 7 layers thinner than the remainder of skin on our face!  Our eye area, as many of you are aware, is much more sensitive than the rest of our face.

Hence, visible aging is generally first found around the delicate eye area. 

Lets explore a few of the symptoms!



Puffiness and swollen eyes concerns may stem from
allergies, being emotionally upset, heat, stress and exhaustion. 

Alcohol and smoking contribute to many skin problems,
and they also speed up that aging process.

The eye area has very few oil glands, hence the skin being dehydrated,
and that in returns creates dry, wrinkly and sagging skin.

Darkness around and under the eyes – this can be a combination of two things. 

Lack of sleep/stress and/or hereditary gene. 


Why do I have darkness under Eye?

   The cause of the darkness is because of compromised blood flow, environmental factors and as I mentioned the
thinner skin.  




  • Tight Firm & Fill Eye Serum
    An amazing eyecare solution produced by Nutrimetics

    Visible results are experienced within 15 minutes of application.

     Due to a little ingredient called a Tri-Peptide Complex – which in normal speaking terms, fills the contour of the wrinkled area, creating a smoother skin surface while also plumping and firming the sensitive skin.


     Enriched with

    Golden Chamomile to reduce under eye puffiness

    Cucumber extract for soothing sore, dry eyes 

    Algae Complex reducing the appearance of dark circles

My favourite feature
of this product is the unique
Micro-Rollerball applicator build
into the top of the serum.



The rollerballs are soothing, stimulating and make applying eye crème fun!

You can feel the circulation ‘bubbling’ around the eyes,
it is unique and a little quirky!

Easy Application Guidelines


Nutrimetics have also provided the customer with a user friendly massage guideline!!


Thankyou Nutrimetics – keeping it simple!

I am grateful for any hints, tips and tricks
that will assist my beauty regime





During summer pop this serum in the fridge to give those micro rollerballs the cool edge to massage the eye area.

Eye fact:

The perpetual motion of the 22 muscles around the eye create over 10 000 blinks per day!


Always leave home with your sunglasses, squinting, like many facial expressions cause lines to form!

 Form Your Eye Care Habit………

Pop your Tight Firm and Fill Eye Serum on the bedside table, forming yourself the habit of gently massaging the eye area so that your facial muscles relax. 


Those unique Micro-Rollerballs will help you drift off for a great overnight rejuvenation!

If you only purchase 1 product this year – this is it!


 Kristie x

Send me your Eye Care Concerns!

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We can thank the Kardashian sisters for the
full pout trend that has gravitated to mountainous heights over recent years!

 Kylie Jenner, the youngest kardashian, who really emphasized the impact lips
can have on your overall appearance.

Kylie Jenner
has created a whole business based on accentuating your lips!

Kylies Lip Kits were in such high demand, that when launched totally crashed the online website! 

The promise of the perfect ‘Kylie Lip’ sent beauty divas into a tail spin!

While many of us really could not be too bothered with the Kardashians!

We do care about our lipstick colour, texture and finished look. 

.  Moisturising….Sheer…..Satin….Matte….Cream….Pearl….Frosted….Long Wearing….Transfer Resistant….

(how confusing can it be)

Oh the Stress!

WARNING:  Tearing hair out is a strong possibility whilst in the process of selecting correct shade and textured Liptick!
PLEASE view Dumbies Guide Below to avoid baldness!

‘Dumbies Guide to
Lipstick Jargon’

For dry lips, to keep lips soft and smooth, wet and shiny finish.

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks
Nourishing, creates a nice shine and gloss, need frequent reapplication.

Effectively flat look, usually full in colour and an even shade.

Designed for smaller lips, waxier texture to protect lips.

Pearl & Frosted
Reflects light and shiny effect on lips – can have a sparkle and glistened finish.

Enhances the dimensions of smaller lips, effective combined with traditional lipstick.

Long Wearing and Transfer Resistant
For the busy woman, formulated to last up to 8 hours.

Lip Pencil Creations

Investing in a lip pencil can enhance many aspects of all your lipstick selections.

 Lip Pencils can create a whole new colour when combined with your chosen lipstick, they increase the length life of your lipstick, as well as creating more enhanced definition to your lips.

Lip Pencil styling


When applying your lip pencil refrain from colouring in your lip like a picture.

Rather stroke in a diagonal direction, not necessarily covering the whole lip.

Creating these contours on the lip will help prevent lipsticks ‘bleeding or feathering’


 Lip Pencil Tip

When selecting a lip pencil always trend
towards a soft crayon for
smoother application.

Nutrimetics nc Perfecting Lip Pencil

Longwearing wind-up pencils that draw a
creamy line without dragging


Defines lips


Minimisies lip feathering 


Boosts the lasting power of your lipstick  



Favourite Feature

Formulated with natural waxes makes them waterproof, and five fantastic shades to select from.

NC Hydra Brillance Lipstick

Their nc Hydra Brilliance Lipstick is available in
20 vivacious shades
to suit warm and cool skin tones.

This collection is enriched with Aquatic Herbs, Vitamins E and C
all to deliver a vibrant and hydrating finish.


Favourite Feature

The convenient magnetic cap clicks tight to
prevent handbag mishaps!!!

This is a deal breaker in my opinion!

 Match It

  Kylie Jenner has done it for you, let Nutrimetics nc Colour do it for you too!!

 Hard Work is done……….

  Top 10 recommendations for a matching Lip Liner and Lipsticks
Cool and Warm Shades

nc Lip Pencil



Pink Tulip



Warm nc Lipstick






Cool nc Lipstick




Misty Pink


 Love it – add it to your collection today!!



Mwah – used to represent the sound of a kiss,

Typically one given in an exaggerated or theatrical way!

 Kristie x

Need help with selection, chat to me!

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Managing Makeup with Manic Menopause!

Managing Makeup with Manic Menopause!

It’s a part of life women have to look forward to…NOT! 

Our Mothers and Grandmothers have put out the warning to us, hot flushes, moodiness, fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, extra hair growing where it should not, hormonal outbursts – unexplained tears or crying at the orphaned children in Uganda on tv! 

Yes, girls, we are all going to enter this manic realm!

So I decided to research what makeup was out there for Menopausal Women – it’s a common complaint I hear from women experiencing menopause.

Makeup doesn't last!

I sweat it off!

I feel too ugly for makeup

I believe that the beauty world emphasis so much on the perfect makeup – using highlighters, contouring, smokey eye look, winged liquid eyeliner, that the poor women powering towards menopause feel its all too hard to have a great look and resign to the fact that we are now going to have disastrous, slide off-my-face-before-I-leave-home glamour look if we even tried.  Remembering by the time we hit menopause, generally, our eyesight is not spot on either, unless we are wearing glasses – to do a close up liquid eyeliner needs nose-to-mirror and no glasses……BOOOM!!

Jumping onto Google (THE place to go these days)

I typed in Foundation for Menopause…

First search hit was Australian Menopause Centre with links to FAQs, Menopause Treatments, a free ebook and a free consultation. Mmm, yes helpful, however at this stage of looking for foundation we probably have pinpointed that THAT is what we are experiencing.

Second search hit was Revlon Foundation. Wooohoooo! Yes – AAHHH NO! – I clicked on the link and it produced all the selections of Revlon foundations that are available… For ALL skin types! Arrgghhhh – I have MENOPAUSE, what is good for MENOPAUSE????!!!

Ok, so I scroll further – ooooh Jean Hailes – click! Yes great information, however when I read her link to ‘Fifty Shades of Menopause’ I believe I still wasn’t on the right site! Go ahead and have a read if you desire!

Then it happened! FINALLY.

Woohoooo – an article from Daily Life on awesome beauty vlogger Lisa Eldridge had a handy tutorial for menopausal makeup! JACKPOT! Her tutorial is definitely worth the watch! I love the interaction from her model discussing her experience with menopause.

Lisa does gorgeous simple makeup – the only critique I would mention is the use of her fingers for application. As each of our own bodies produces unique oils, using our fingers to apply to another person’s skin, I believe can affect results.

Also, we are dealing with a woman who may be already experiencing sweating, excess oil issues, we certainly do not want to mix ours into that equation!

Here is Lisa’s fantastic tutorial for you to watch!

Great watch, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

The unrealistic part, in my opinion, is all the different companies that Lisa used to showcase the products!

Some very reputable, excellent products: Dior, Mac, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, By Terry, Rimmel, Shu Uemura, Nudestix, just to name a few! I don’t know about you though, if I had to go to each of those companies to purchase 1 product, I think I would go insane AND give up!

So I have done some groundwork for you!

I have rewatched Lisa’s fabulous youtube video, and I have replaced all the lovely products she has used with products from Nutrimetics so you can achieve the exact same result!


Nutrimetics also has an extensive skincare range to provide a solution for pigmentation concerns.

One Stop Shop!

Every Nutrimetics equivalent for the menopausal woman in need of a quick and easy makeup fix!


Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Radiance Beauty Balm

REPLACES: Embroyolisse Lait Crème Concentre 

Primer – Lips

Nutrimetics NC Face Prime Foundation Base

REPLACES: Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion


Nutrimetics NC Mattifying Oil-Free Foundation

REPLACES: Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisturiser Makeup

Concealer – Liquid

Nutrimetics NC Liquid Cover Smoothing Concealer

REPLACES: Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Crème

Concealer – Powder

Nutrimetics NC Velvet Finish Mineral Foundation Powder

REPLACES: Laura Mercier – Crème Compact Tinted Moisturiser


Nutrimetics NC Colour Icon Blush 

REPLACES: By Terry – Hyaluronic Blush


Nutrimetics NC Colour Icons Eyeshadows (set of 3)

REPLACES: Becca Eye Tint


Nutrimetics Defining Waterproof Eye pencil

REPLACES: Lancome Khol Hypose Waterproof Eyelin


Nutrimetics nc Lash Impact Waterproof Black

REPLACES: Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara


Nutrimetics NC Contouring Brow Pencil

REPLACES: Stila All Day Waterproof Brow Pencil

Lip Pencil

Nutrimetics NC Perfecting Lip Pencil – Nude

REPLACES: Chanel Lip Pencil – Natural


Nutrimetics nc Hydra Brilliance Lipstick

REPLACES: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick


Nutrimetics Professional Concealer Brush

REPLACES: Sigma Concealer Brush

Nutrimetics Professional Lip and Angled Brush

REPLACES: Mac Lip Brush


You will often find these products in the Nutrimetics monthly discount brochure! Fill out the form below to contact me about getting a copy today!

Nutrimetics does not permit animal testing and all ingredients are naturally derived from plants.


Happy Shopping!

 Kristie x

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