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We can thank the Kardashian sisters for the
full pout trend that has gravitated to mountainous heights over recent years!

 Kylie Jenner, the youngest kardashian, who really emphasized the impact lips
can have on your overall appearance.

Kylie Jenner
has created a whole business based on accentuating your lips!

Kylies Lip Kits were in such high demand, that when launched totally crashed the online website! 

The promise of the perfect ‘Kylie Lip’ sent beauty divas into a tail spin!

While many of us really could not be too bothered with the Kardashians!

We do care about our lipstick colour, texture and finished look. 

.  Moisturising….Sheer…..Satin….Matte….Cream….Pearl….Frosted….Long Wearing….Transfer Resistant….

(how confusing can it be)

Oh the Stress!

WARNING:  Tearing hair out is a strong possibility whilst in the process of selecting correct shade and textured Liptick!
PLEASE view Dumbies Guide Below to avoid baldness!

‘Dumbies Guide to
Lipstick Jargon’

For dry lips, to keep lips soft and smooth, wet and shiny finish.

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks
Nourishing, creates a nice shine and gloss, need frequent reapplication.

Effectively flat look, usually full in colour and an even shade.

Designed for smaller lips, waxier texture to protect lips.

Pearl & Frosted
Reflects light and shiny effect on lips – can have a sparkle and glistened finish.

Enhances the dimensions of smaller lips, effective combined with traditional lipstick.

Long Wearing and Transfer Resistant
For the busy woman, formulated to last up to 8 hours.

Lip Pencil Creations

Investing in a lip pencil can enhance many aspects of all your lipstick selections.

 Lip Pencils can create a whole new colour when combined with your chosen lipstick, they increase the length life of your lipstick, as well as creating more enhanced definition to your lips.

Lip Pencil styling


When applying your lip pencil refrain from colouring in your lip like a picture.

Rather stroke in a diagonal direction, not necessarily covering the whole lip.

Creating these contours on the lip will help prevent lipsticks ‘bleeding or feathering’


 Lip Pencil Tip

When selecting a lip pencil always trend
towards a soft crayon for
smoother application.

Nutrimetics nc Perfecting Lip Pencil

Longwearing wind-up pencils that draw a
creamy line without dragging


Defines lips


Minimisies lip feathering 


Boosts the lasting power of your lipstick  



Favourite Feature

Formulated with natural waxes makes them waterproof, and five fantastic shades to select from.

NC Hydra Brillance Lipstick

Their nc Hydra Brilliance Lipstick is available in
20 vivacious shades
to suit warm and cool skin tones.

This collection is enriched with Aquatic Herbs, Vitamins E and C
all to deliver a vibrant and hydrating finish.


Favourite Feature

The convenient magnetic cap clicks tight to
prevent handbag mishaps!!!

This is a deal breaker in my opinion!

 Match It

  Kylie Jenner has done it for you, let Nutrimetics nc Colour do it for you too!!

 Hard Work is done……….

  Top 10 recommendations for a matching Lip Liner and Lipsticks
Cool and Warm Shades

nc Lip Pencil



Pink Tulip



Warm nc Lipstick






Cool nc Lipstick




Misty Pink


 Love it – add it to your collection today!!



Mwah – used to represent the sound of a kiss,

Typically one given in an exaggerated or theatrical way!

 Kristie x

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