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I have become a recent user of Snapchat – slow I know – all these wonderful new social platforms we can play on!  My little niece loves to shock her Aunty with the crazy filters and antics she can create!  I love this interaction AND I love being able to put on filter across my own face – even if it includes bunny ears!

However, I was a little freaked out by the image before me with no filter, a close up of my face and……..

EEEEKKKKKKKK – there it was!!!!!!!! 

Wrinkles around my eyes!! ARRGHHHHHHH!!! 

Now at 45, I suppose this was going to start happening…

I am still wondering what happened to my 30s though!!


As we start to mature, we all have our own concerns –

Age Spots……………Broken Capillaries………. (sigh) Wrinkles 

Now I am not that vain that I want them to go completely…….. 

I just want to age gracefully and slllllooooowly!
(thankyou very much)

Turning 40 and beyond

There is a saying we have in the beauty circle –
when you turn 40 you earn the skin you deserve!  

If you neglect basic skincare, expect uneven skin and to age quicker. 

It is NEVER too early to start looking after you skin! 

 Yes that includes Eye Crème!


Kristie’s did you know………………

 In actual fact, the layers of skin around our eyes are 7 layers thinner than the remainder of skin on our face!  Our eye area, as many of you are aware, is much more sensitive than the rest of our face.

Hence, visible aging is generally first found around the delicate eye area. 

Lets explore a few of the symptoms!


Puffiness and swollen eyes concerns may stem from
allergies, being emotionally upset, heat, stress and exhaustion. 

Alcohol and smoking contribute to many skin problems,
and they also speed up that aging process.

The eye area has very few oil glands, hence the skin being dehydrated,
and that in returns creates dry, wrinkly and sagging skin.

Darkness around and under the eyes – this can be a combination of two things. 

Lack of sleep/stress and/or hereditary gene. 

Why do I have darkness under Eye?

   The cause of the darkness is because of compromised blood flow, environmental factors and as I mentioned the
thinner skin.  




  • Tight Firm & Fill Eye Serum
    An amazing eyecare solution produced by Nutrimetics

    Visible results are experienced within 15 minutes of application.

     Due to a little ingredient called a Tri-Peptide Complex – which in normal speaking terms, fills the contour of the wrinkled area, creating a smoother skin surface while also plumping and firming the sensitive skin.

     Enriched with

    Golden Chamomile to reduce under eye puffiness

    Cucumber extract for soothing sore, dry eyes 

    Algae Complex reducing the appearance of dark circles

My favourite feature
of this product is the unique
Micro-Rollerball applicator build
into the top of the serum.



The rollerballs are soothing, stimulating and make applying eye crème fun!

You can feel the circulation ‘bubbling’ around the eyes,
it is unique and a little quirky!

Easy Application Guidelines

Nutrimetics have also provided the customer with a user friendly massage guideline!!

Thankyou Nutrimetics – keeping it simple!

I am grateful for any hints, tips and tricks
that will assist my beauty regime





During summer pop this serum in the fridge to give those micro rollerballs the cool edge to massage the eye area.

Eye fact:

The perpetual motion of the 22 muscles around the eye create over 10 000 blinks per day!


Always leave home with your sunglasses, squinting, like many facial expressions cause lines to form!

What are your eye concerns?

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