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We have all been there –
when our eyebrows are really an eyebrow!! 

I have a very tactful husband (I use that term loosely) when he kindly points out that maybe a ‘maintenance’ day is required to make one become two!! 

Lucky for him I appreciate the thoughtfulness
in this comment! 

Whilst Boarding School gave me an education on tweezer plucking, more efficient methods are available!

Looking after the Brows is an ongoing process, and trends change regularly in the beauty industry.

Shaping of the Brow is a great starting point when entering the world of Brow Beauty. 

Wax It

The most common method of tidying up the eyebrows is waxing.  Usually done by a beauty specialist, they apply a thick layer of hot wax to cool and set, before pulling the strip of wax of quickly, removing the stray hairs instantly!

They say like a bandaid, pull it quickly and it hurts less – well I am not sure about that theory, however I do believe the more you wax, the easier it becomes.


Threading has only became popular in the last few years though it is a century old method within Asian origins.

It is considered to be less painful than waxing for shaping the brows.  A simple process that typically involves a single piece of cotton thread. The thread is twisted and pulled along the areas of unwanted hair.


Shobha Tummala, the Indian founder of Shoba Hair Removal Salon, says threading acts like a mini-lasso, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals and unnecessary tugging on delicate skin.

Shobhas story is very interesting
click here to read more about Shobha


Shaping the brow is just the beginning to
achieving the perfect look.



nc Eyebrow Stencil Kit by Nutrimetics

2 Brow Shades, 1 Highlighter, 1 Wax

PLUS 4 Stencils & Application Brush


THE most brilliant collections on the market,
is this compact by Nutrimetics featuring all the
essential colours and tools to
achieve the perfect brow look.

Ingenius to include a wax to hold the stray wayward hairs in place, as well as the white highlighter powder to add a fine line under the brow line to give a perfect non-surgical lift to the eye.

YES PLEASE………..Application Guide

 In true Nutrimetics style, they once again have assisted our beauty needs with an application guide for using the
nc Eyebrow Kit!


Brow Pencils and Brow kits are available in the market place to colour the brow to achieve an even block look.  Now that block look can vary – it can be just left the walkway in Milan look, or it can be just to enhance and compliment the natural shape of our face and eyes.  It seems a weird thing to do initially, however colouring the brows frames the eyes, creates a larger eye area, and opens the eye for a wider look.

Handy Hint

Ensure all your waxing needs are attended to a least a week prior to a special occasion makeup wearing event, as residual product can remain on the skin causing foundations and eyeshadows to not sit flush with the skin.

Naturally lined with Beeswax

Nutrimetics has 2 Contouring Brow Pencils available
in the shades of Blonde and Bare.
Formulated with silicone and natural waxes to prevent everyday smudging, these pencils are smooth and
will subtly enhance your brows. 

Or if you prefer, build to a more dramatic look.

Practise Makes Perfect

Achieving your desired look is going to take a little practice,
whether you use an Eyebrow Pencil or Eyebrow Kit.

Do not be afraid to fill in between your natural hair.
Experiment with only doing one eyebrow and see the natural lift
this look creates.

Honestly this is a fun exercise!!


 Order today

ANY product that visually reduces the look of your age
MUST be in YOUR Makeup Bag!!  


Have your nc Eyebrow kit or nc Eyebrow Contouring Pencils shipped out to you today to compliment your natural features!

 Kristie x

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