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About 3 days before my 13th birthday I was shipped off to Boarding School!
Really this is the age I left home……………

Oh the Excitement and Tribulation!!!!

Life as you know it changes forever – Mum, Dad and my sister I expect also had to adapt!  As difficult as it must have been for my parents, I know that my education was important to them and being isolated in the bush left boarding school as the only real option.

With many fond memories, and some great friends
whom are still in my life, 
boarding school was the
foundation of beauty hints, tricks and total disasters!! 

Boarding School Beauty Survival

Let’s not chat about the horrid fashions of the late 80’s – we could dress in our finest rags for church on Sunday – oh my goodness, God must have had a chuckle!  Hair – well perms, high fringes and teasing consumed a lot of time!

Our hairdryers doubled as heaters during those bitter cold months with the louvered windows lining our dormitory rooms. Grabbing our own buckets and razors, sitting in the sun on the thin timber seats shaving our legs, was a ritual social event of the week!

Foundation and makeup was frown on by our Hogan Heroes ‘Schultz-like’ German Housemistress, (google the show ‘Hogans Heros’ if you are from the younger generation), that often did not stop us from trying though! Oh and did I mention we were made to kneel down and our skirts were measured with a ruler to ensure our dignity was intact!

Let the Journey Begin……..


Boarding School, however was where my skin care journey began
Luckily my Mum, unlike many others, was conscious of the importance of
caring for our skin at a young age. 

I remember being so proud of the beautiful collection in my dorm cupboard, and would use it religiously!

As time went on, I think it became a real connection to my family when the homesickness heightened!

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise
Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise 
my brain was trained!! 

The fact of the matter is that the sooner you begin a regular regime with a quality skincare program the better!


Riding the Acne Journey

 This cutting-edge Clear Range, by Nutrimetics is specially formulated to help care for oil and problem skin.

Clear Range enriched with
Ginger Extract to 
reduce the redness out of spots  Mineralised Zinc to assist with the removal of the oil
Aloe Leaf Juice as an anti-inflammatory
Tea Tree Oil encapsulated provides a calming and purifying actions
in the targeted area.



The Clear Range is extremely well placed in the market place, contains no alcohol, no Benzoyl peroxides or any of chemical that stripes or harms young plump skin! 

I have honestly provided many tween consults and have seen bleached towels, chemical eaten holes in pillow cases from the use of incorrect, chemical filled products being used on young skin! 

These will cause so many issues later on!

 I Beg You…………


I also beg that you give the Clear Collection a ‘good go’ before committing to any antibiotic solution.
I am certainly no doctor, however I believe the Clear Range is a powerful solution for acne related issues. 

Some antibiotics do have horrendous side effects – even suicidal side effects. 
Ensure that you research and discuss these thoroughly with your GP.


Did You Know


Approximately 8 in 10 preteens and teens have acne!

Tween Tip


 Do not share makeup!


 Keep first routines simple!

Great Feature of Clear


I LOVE the feature of the Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser being numbered from 1 to 3 –
using 1 first, 2 second and 3 last on a daily basis!! 


Excellent for the beginner skincare user to have the correct steps in order.

The 5 step Clear Range Program includes an exfoliating Deep Cleanse Face Scrub, and a terrific pocket size Spot Corrector Gel.


Rehydration Necessity

Communicating with your vibrant youth the necessity of rehydrating the skin after cleaning will help them understand again how the process works.
No moisture now, will make the sebaceous glands work double time and produce excess oil to restore what has been cleaned away!




Pop through a photo of your Tween to me and I can consult further with you in regards to
exfoliation and impurity drawing products for your skincare solutions.


It is free, and it is what I do! 

 Kristie x

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