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Food! Food! Food!

 It is the one concept that most humans understand and love!  

And until we saw shows like
My Kitchen Rules, Great Australian Bakeoff and Masterchef,
our repretore of food language was pretty limited!

However, I am sure everyone would know what
a simple cornflake, raisin and grape was!!!

Lets look at the idea of using food in explaining
why the need for a complete skincare regime
would benefit our skin.

Remembering our skin is the largest organ in/on our bodies that needs to be looked after just as much as the lungs, heart and kidneys.

The Epidermis provides a waterproof barrier, protects the inner layers and creates our skin tone.

The Dermis is where hair follicles and sweat glands hang out.

Our third layer is deeper tissue known as the Hypodermis – made from fat and connective tissue!


Top Layer  – represents Cornflakes – dead skin cells

Middle Layer  – represents Raisins – dry, damaged skin cells

Bottom Layer  – represents Grapes – beautiful, smooth, youthful skin

Putting this concept into play with beauty now!

 Cornflakes can represent the dead layer of skin on top.

 If you ever tried to put a moisturizer or foundation on a cornflake, you will find it is never going to sit flush on the skin.  

If you have ever complained about a  handcreme that has never absorbed and sits wet’ on top of the skin, it is more than likely you have this layer of cornflakes (dead skin) sitting on top.

An exfoliator designed for the sensitivity of the face or body
is what will remove this gross layer.

A little gross fact

 (fascinating though)


Each of us will loose a two-storey home
full of dead skin over
our life time!!







 A little handy hint
(life changing hack)

 Exfoliate your legs before shaving, you will find your shave will last up to two weeks longer – because you are removing the dead skin, your razor will only catch hair.


Removal of the cornflakes exposes our second layer affectionately known as the raisin!

The raisin is the skin exposed, vulnerable and where our aging process can really get comfortable – you know like a couch potato!  It needs stimulation and motivation

If we do not look after this layer with our skincare regime of cleansing and toning, it becomes shrivelled up like a raisin.  We need to ensure that we moisturise our raisin, so our next layer of skin can be nice and plump like a juicy healthy grape!


Skin Solutions

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An easy, simple routine to combat the crusty rough process of producing cornflakes.

If you are taking more that a couple of minutes to Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone and Moisturise, your are taking too long!

SOOOO dont tell me you do not ‘Have Time’ to look after your skin!

After all it is with us for LIFE!!

Scrub those Cornflakes Away!!

An exfoliator such as this Honey & Almond Scrub will remove those dead skin cells.

Finely milled particles buff away the build up of the gross ‘cornflakes’ on your skin. While the stimulation will increase radiance, and a healthy glow, it ultimately massages the ‘raisin’ to promote our plump ‘grape’!

You need Exfoliation!

It IS that SIMPLE!

Let me take you through this
simple process……….

Step 1:  Use your Cleanser in the shower to clean the daily dirt & grime from your skin.

Step 2: Once a week, use your exfoliator in the scrub, gently massage dead skin down the drain!

Step 3: Once out of the shower, and dried off, using your fingertips, pat your toner gently over your whole face.

Step 4:  Once you are dressed, apply your moisturiser generously over your face.

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