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Stop for a minute……..
when did you last have some ‘Me’ Time???

I am not just talking about sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of your favourite brew. 

I am saying for us girls, when did you take the time to enjoy applying your makeup, stopping to paint your nails (and toe nails to match), using a hair masque or enjoying a nice hot tub with some gorgeous products??  

For most of us getting to the bathroom without a child or animal following you seems to be a major achievement!

Human or Animal
they will always find you!


Life just gets busier and busier, demands and deadlines, dates and times!  
Go there, pick up this, a loooong line up at the bank
would you mind being on the local volunteer group!  
Breathing……we generally say ‘Yes sure’……afterall we do not want to disappoint people.


Self Care Time

Why then when someone suggest some self care we find it so difficult, why do we say ‘I wish, have no time’?????  
Have you peered in with envy at those Nail Cafes and seen people indulging in a foot spa!  Oooooh, yes please!!!

Self Care is an essential ingredient for survival in this fast paced World.
We need to pull ourselves back from the brink, the emotional breakdowns and the life crushing burnouts.
Self Care does not even need to take you 20 minutes, BUT Self Care DOES require practise!
So I hear you saying – well yeah it sounds lovely, but when!!!????

 Self Care requires regular practise!

You Can Do It!

Yep, you have a WHOLE 24 hours, to practice a 5 or 10 minute Self Care essential!
Create yourself a menu of quick, sweet delights for your busy lifestyle.


Kristie’s little Secret………………

Here is the secret………..
do not ‘shush it’…..instead
GET LOUD and share it!!

Its a funny little trick, but it works……….
Are your giggles ready………….

The day the Wheelie Bin goes out……is the day we practice our Self Care!



The time to start your Self Care is NOW!

Here is sweet little menu I have compiled for you!
                                                                                                                                                                           (to save you time)
Choose 1 or choose them all!


  • Nutri Rich Shower Oil
    How can I describe this………it truly is an experience to lather yourself in this luxurious formula that nourishes, protects and cleanses your body!  AND the smell!!!!! DEVINE – the combination of Apricot Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil is magical!
    A few small drops in the shower/bath and you have the perfect quick Self Care Solution!


  • Nutri Rich Hand & Body Polish

    Who knew that cane sugar can be SO good for you! Melt away all that gross dead skin built up with a firm buff!  Your skin will be smooth and moisturised in one application!  This is about the only exfoliator I know that DOES actually NOT dry the skin! Self Care 101 – count me in!!


  • Nutri Rich Moisturising Body Satin
    Nicknamed “Sensuality in a Can” – one spray and you are addicted!  A slight shimmer gives a radiant moisturized glow to the skin. Spray on for a perfect pick me up for a Self Care Solution!  Great for stretch marks and rehydration!


  •  Self Care in the finest Complete Set
    Wrap yourself in luxury with this indulgent Nutri Rich Body Set, enriched with the nourishing power of Apricot Kernel Oil to moisturise and nourish the skin!


One of my favourite feel-good self care activity is treating myself to a hair masque!
Smells Good, Feels Great!



As a natural blonde, the Nutri Rich Hair Repair+ Treatment Masque has become a part of my weekly Hair Care routine – I use it much like I use a mask for my face; once a week instead of conditioner.  Unlike some salon recommended products I have tried, the Nutri Rich Repair Hair Treatment Masque does not leave my hair feeling sticky or weighed down.  I have noticed a reduction in split ends, frizz and have even had compliments from my hairdresser on how healthy my hair is looking.


– Samantha


Remember to never be too busy for You!!

Kristie x

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