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A Blank Canvas – it is what every artist begins with,
and creating a gorgeous makeup requires a blank canvas as well!


With so much focus on palettes, warm and cool colouring, contouring and deflection of light….
we really need to focus on the basic fundamental of makeup application, to begin our colour creativity!


GREAT NEWS IS you do not have to have a beauty degree
a whole beauty case full of expensive products to
achieve a fabulous Everyday Makeup Wear.



We Want BIG Results with LITTLE Effort!

Before and Afters

Lets keep this as real and transparent as it can be with some before and after shots of three gorgeous girls I met recently!

Met Shannon – a Mum with two extremely cute little kidlets, soon to be married, working on the family property! Shannon would like a very natural, very simple Everyday Makeup Wear for her Country Wedding. She has naturally red cheeks ALWAYS!

Met Trina – she is employed at a local Gerbera Farm. Trina acknowledges that her years of smoking has not helped her skin, particularly the lines around her mouth. Her makeup concern was decreasing the visibility of these lines.

Met Louise – she is studying, and just loves wildlife, particularly the welfare and rescue of all kind of animals.  Both Trina and Louise are Shannons Bridesmaids.  Louise wears very little makeup and wanted to achieve a great coverage with little effort.

To begin, we have used the most fabulous products on the market today, nc Line Prime and Wrinkle filler.  This little jar of sponge-like spheres in a lightweight mousse expand instantly in fine lines, deep pores, scarring, wrinkle leaving the complexion flawlessly smooth.

Every artists blank canvas is smooth and even!

You will notice, for Shannon this has decreased the unevenness in her chin area, the line outside her smile lines near her mouth and under her eyes!

Secondly, we have used nc Liquid Cover Concealor
in Medium.

This liquid twist-tube concealor has a waterproof formula.  The colour-correcting mineral nuetralise the appearance of dark circles, redness in the skin and open the eye area to look naturally light and refreshed.

For Shannon we have used this concealor across the redness in her cheeks and on her chin.  This has given Shannon an all over concealment ready for foundation.

For this photo of Shannon, I have ONLY used these two amazing products!  Talk about simple for a maximum outcome!  WOW!

Look at the visible difference for Trina with these two products!

Can I say she was blown away, that she could even achieve this type of look with only two products!

I always feel warm and fuzzy when a simple task for me means so much for someone else!

To complete this simple Everyday makeup we have used the nc Velvet Finish Mineral Powder Foundation in the shade of Toffee for Shannon.

I tell no lie when I say THIS foundation is brilliant and by far the foundation I sell the most.

Here are the reasons why:

You can choose your coverage, dust over quickly for a light coverage or build through to a full formal look.

Perfecting Mica Beads keep adapting to your skin tone as they hit the warmth of your skin.  Therefore the longer the foundation sets, the more natural it looks.

These brilliant Mica Beads also absorb any excess oil or sweat, leaving a matte finish!  Great for summer and any woman experiencing menopause.

Presented in a very chic compact with own mirror and sponge included. 

Its starting to come together nicely!

Building womens confidence through the simple process of guiding, taking the time to care and helping select the correct colours is a passion of mine.

The unsurity can easily be overcome by having the willingness to understand that makeup comes with different understanding for every woman.

I do believe though, every woman does enjoy a little bit of this special attention!

Look at Louise’s glowing face – all her concerns were left aside once she relaxed and viewed her blank canvas.

and more WOW!

Look at Shannon, just a super simple makeover, with some beautiful products, and with an easy guideline to follow for an Everyday Makeup!

Shannon chose Garnet as her lip colour, and how gorgeous does she look!



Building Confidence!

Imagine with woman supporting and building each other up, how we can make a difference to each other lives!

 Always choose Kindness

Thank you for sharing this makeup journey with me!  

Happy Shopping!

 Kristie x

Send me your before and after shots!

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