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We treat them poorly!

And yet, they lug us around each and every day!

As women we squeeze our feet in gorgeous, very impractical highheels, always muttering something along the lines of how worth it, it will be!

We paint our toenails to poke out the end of our shoes in hope that no one will notice how ill-manicured they are.  We pray to the feet-gods that the dead skin buildup will go unnoticed for the evening, and then ONLY have we suffered through this kind of experience do we attempt to massage some cream to
soothe aches and dryness.

Health Alert

Despite our lack of interest in our feet (not shoes, we love shoes), they can actually be a guide to some
health issues
that we may experience.


Feet can give us warning signs of Thyroid conditions, Blood Supply and Circulation, Diabetes, Fluid Retention, Melanomas and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

Wow, some big issues there!
Please take yourself along to a health professional if you suspect any of these nasties!
We all agree on sore, tired feet are a part of an everyday ailment!
Maybe we need to pay a little more attention!

I Confess……….


Who will confess to foot spa envy when you walk around in
the shopping centre past those nail salons?!! 

 ME, ME, ME everytime! 

Nothing I like more than propping up in the massage chair,
for a soak and fresh polish!

Though that poor poor girl that has to cheese grate my dead skin! 

A NO WAY job for me!

Whilst it is a pamper treat, it is not practical nor financial for
an everyday selfcare routine for our feet.


Daily Foot Care

* Wash your feet thoroughly
* Be meticulous in drying your feet and toes
* Gentle file daily to remove dead skin
* Be sure to cut toenails carefully  
* Moisturise feet before going to bed

DIY at home

Now, I know that I am a huge cat enthusiast with all my furbabies, but even I had the giggles when I popped along to the $2 cheap shop and purchased 15 small kitty litter trays!!

WHY you ask,
because kitty litter trays are

the perfect size for our feet!

When we want to soak our feet, a bucket is very unfitting and sometimes pulling that whole foot spa out is cumbersome.

Do not make feet care a chore!

Kristie’s Quick Tip


Fill your Kitty Litter tray with warm tantalizing water!
Pop in some Marbles or Smooth Rocks  
Add some Lush Nourishing Shower Oil
or Refreshing Botanicals Shower Gel.

And you are ready for an in-home soak!





Using the Cultivate Spa Foot Scrub by Nutrimetics, squeeze your desired amount into your palms.


 Massage one foot at a time – ensuring your fingers entwine with your toes to exfoliate

Do not be afraid to use firm pressure – your feet will LOVE you for it!


Swap feet and repeat!





Popping your foot back into the kitty litter tray to rinse! While rinsing off you will
feel an instant smoothness 

and revitalisingly clean!


 The feeling of clean fresh feet is quite difficult to describe!


Complimenting the Cultivate Spa Exfoliatant, use the corresponding Cultivate Spa Foot Crème.

 Massage top and bottom of your feet.  Cultivate Spa Foot Balm is encapsulated Tea Tree  to deliver foot refreshment at its finest.

The aroma of Lemon Myrtle and Peppermint with delight all your senses.

Cracked and Dry Feet

Extracted from the seed of an Apricot, Nutri Rich Oil is enriched with the pure Apricot Oil.

Nutri Rich Oil mimics the skins oils, relieving dryness and improving elasticity and moisture retention.

This concentrated formula is the perfect solution to dry,
cracked heels and feet.

As a true sufferer with dry, crackly feet, I know you will see results and relief with these specialty formulated products by Nutrimetics!


Cheers to Better Feet!

Kristie x

Send me your footcare tips - I need them!

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