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I have been there, as I am sure you have……
you take a bit whiff of someone with bad BO (Body Odour)

Arrrrgggghhhhhh, it is so vile! 
Is it really THAT difficult to NOT have body odour!????

Do these people not shower?
Wash their clothes? 
Dab a bit of perfume on? 
Spray/roll on some Deodorant??????

Our sweat glands develop once we hit puberty,
so PEOPLE teach your children EARLY about smelling nice!


General hygiene is the golden rule here obviously!

. I am sure we do not have to go through the tick list on how NOT to have BO and maintain a pleasant body scent!  I would like to though introduce you to the Deodorant I have been using myself for many years, and also what is referred to as the layering effect.

We are so fortunate to have many beautiful products on the market to use to bathe with.  Many delicious and delightful fragrances that make our smelling senses dance! The layering effect is when you use multiple products all enhanced with the same fragrance to retain that product smell throughout the day! 


Bathing in a Botanical Energizing Shower Gel with the Lime Fresh fragrance, is fruity and fun!  This is my absolute favourite Gel.  Balanced with natural extracts, these gels gently cleanse without drying the skin.

I must say, Nutrimetics has enriched these products in a way that they are PH Neutral on the skin, contain no soap agents and therefore is perfect for anyone who suffers with skin conditions!

We have discussed the importance of Exfoliating our body to remove the dead skin buildup.  To continue the layering effect, next use the Lime Fresh Exfoliating Body Scrub

WOW – this Nutrimetics product features two exfoliating ingredients, Rice Bran Wax and Pumice to buff away dead skin cells to leave an ultra smooth and of course, fresh skin.


An added little benefit of no soap agents in the Botanical Shower Gels is, you do not receive that white soap film scum on your shower glass!

Your body is tantalising with the fresh aroma of
Lime Fresh Botanicals!

You feel great AND smell great!

 Enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, Echinacea and Green Tea Extract, Nutrimetics has produced an antiperspirant that delivers protection the whole family can rely on day after day.  A unisex fragrance that is alcohol free to ensure
kindness to our underarms.

  Myth Buster

Despite common belief –  there is no convincing evidence that antiperspirants cause breast cancer.
A hoax email started this rumour!

 Go Forth and Smell Beautiful!

Self Care is always worth it!  

Happy Shopping!

 Kristie x

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