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I have found over the years, that you do not have to be a makeup guru to be able to learn techniques for enhancing makeup applications and tricks. 

All it takes if for the professional artist to explain these skills during a makeover, and if you are willing to listen and practise, you will find the process really does make sense and is not too hard to master.

Lash Creation is a duplicable process, that with each application you will create a beautiful thicker longer lash with a good quality mascara. Avoiding mascaras that contain petroleum-based formulas is essential to protecting your eyes. 

Whilst understanding ingredients can be tricky, it is simple to look on mascara packaging and coming to the conclusion that tar and boot polish, may not help the sensitive eye area.

True story, that these two products have been found in mascaras!

No Sharing Please

Another important factor is the life of your mascara tube.  I know we all want to stretch that lifespan of all our makeup investments, however, mascara can breed bacteria very quickly and it is beneficial to dispose of your product approximately every 3 months.  This is also the very reason we should not be sharing our mascara wands with even our best friend – the last thing we need is gunky eyes!

Natural Enhancing Mascara Ingredients

Nutrimetics have a selection of mascaras that are lined with
natural ingredients (see below) and are NOT tested on animals!


Beeswax is obviously a natural wax
produced by honey bees

Shea Butter is a natural ‘fat’ extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree

Carnauba Wax is a vegetable wax obtained from the leaves of a Brazillian palm tree

I know which ingredients I prefer to
apply on my eyes!

Lets look at Nutrimetics’

Professional 4 in 1 Ultimate Mascara

Zero Clumping
Zero Flaking
Zero Smudging
Nourishing Formula


Bigger & brighter eyes with this 4 in 1 boost!

Handy Hint……


NEVER EVER EVER, pump your mascara wand back and forth into the tube, this only inserts air into your product and dries the mascara out! 

Always gently twist the wand collecting the product from the inside of the tube and gently pull wand separate from the tube!

Your wand will load fully with product!

Gently pull the corner of your eye with your index finger – with your loaded wand, apply mascara to the top of your eyelashes, brushing downwards, slow and steady, aiming to be as close to the back of the lash as possible.

Next twirl your wand from under the lash in an upward direction to coat the underneath of the lash.

This process will give you that amazing full,
thick and longer lash.

 It is ok to go back and forth as much as you like! 


The bottom lashes are a little different, they are always
fairer than our top lashes! 

With your wand aim for the tips of the lash, gently work sideways with your mascara wand, this ensure that
all lashes are ‘picked up’. 

We do not need to do multiple applications on the bottom lash, however enhancing the top lashes you can reapply as
many times as you desire!

Handy Hint

Now…..the first thing I ever learnt was how to ‘fix’ getting
mascara in spots its not suppose to be!


Never wipe, you will always fail!


The best solution is to grab a cotton tip, with a small amount of your foundation on the tip and gently scoop off!

Practise Makes Perfect

The Ultimate Secret is practise, practise, and practise!!

You will master this great look!


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 Kristie x

Makeup Know-How!

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