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We all know the tune…… B… B… Berocca brings back your B… B… Bounce!

A flavoured mineral supplement drink, enriched with vitamins, has been
clinically proven to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

You probably have heard people mention drinking a Berocca after a big night out
to assist the recovery and rehydrate from excess alcohol! 

Berocca Performance improves physical stamina, reduces tiredness and fatigue. 
While we can easily understand how our physical body can suffer from these ailments,
we do not consider the effects on our external skin!

UV rays from the Sun,
working outside.

Absence of a
suitable SPF

Air Conditioning
cooling and heating

Fluorescent lights in
buildings and offices

Alcohol and Smoking

Ageing Process

Lack of skincare

All of the above list contributes to dull, flat,
pigmented and fatigued skin!

With all of these stacked up against us –
how do we maintain a healthy complexion!

It would be wonderful if we could rub a berocca
all over our skin for the same result.

Well it may not be a fizzy tablet, but here is a
fabulous solution to all your skin ailments.

Nutrimetics Platinum DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème
is just the boost your skin craves!


 How does it work?

Our skin cell renewal slows dramatically when we experience problems from the above list. When we are young we do not seem too worried, however as the ageing process becomes more noticeable, our concern on our skins appearance becomes a priority. 

Now to fully understand the HOW this works,
I need to explain the revolutionary breakthrough ingredients! 

Juvefaxo (Immortal Peptide – 51) – a complex ingredient designed from the immortal jellyfish DNA – Juvefaxo activates cellular renewal and engage the skins own repair mechanisms to make the skin act younger.

You see the immortal Jellyfish is capable of reversing its own ageing process – once the Jellyfish reaches maturity it then has the ability to hit the rewind button to them become a young polyp again! 

Imagine that, once we reached old age, we can reverse our life and become a baby again!!


Galanga Leaf Extract (Aromatic Ginger) – intelligently activates the skins own Hyaluronic Acid production, providing potent skin plumping benefits, with a 3D volumising effect!

Hyaluronic Acid production is the skins natural way of retaining moisture to avoid dehydration.


Zinc Complex is a rich mineral complex that protects skin cells against lost elasticity and firmness to help maintain younger looking skin! 

PHEW – that seemed a little bit of hard work – basically DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème equals a Berocca for our skin!!

Here is a testimony story from a great customer who suffered badly with Basil Cell Carcinomas, skin cancers,  having her skin doctor on speed dial because of the irregularity of changing spots on her skin.  Over the years, she has used Efudex, a chemotherapy solution cream, which burns the skin, leaving blisters and painful peeling skin.  She has had many skin cancers burnt off with dry ice and of course experienced surgically removed procedures as well. 


 After using Nutrimetics DNA Cellular Repair Crème, and keeping her scheduled appointment times, her doctor was amazed – this was her first appointment EVER that she did not require any specialised treatment! 

At 65, this was a great achievement! 

As the immortal jellyfish peptide renewed the skins cells, keeping the skin cells active and not permitting them to ‘die’, it did not allow for the skin cancers to develop. 

Please note this product does not claim to stop skin cancers, and any concern with your skin please
seek professional medical advice. 

    My Opinion

My personal experience, has left my 45+ years skin feeling hydrated, silky and plump. 

At first I could not stop touching my face! 

 Skincare with no regrets!

Its boost time for your skin! 

  Kristie x

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