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Cameron Diaz does it, Jennifer Lawrence does it, so does Naomi Campbell, Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt do too……….curious now…….

WHAT do they all do!!!!

Each celebrity uses Microdermabrasion Kits to a stimulate skincell renewal, improve overall skin texture and reducing wrinkle appearance.

 Microdermabrasion is the most popular skin rejuvenation treatment used by celebrities.



INSTANT smoother skin! 


Believe me once you have used a
Microdermabrasion Kit,

you will NEVER go back!

Do you suffer from ‘crackly’ looking foundation, you look in the mirror and think ‘ahhh what crappy foundation’ – it doesn’t sit well on my skin.

Bad news honey! 

It is not actually your foundation,
it is the dead skin buildup
sitting on top of the skin!

Imagine you have a cornflake, yes the breakfast type! 

If you tried to apply a moisturiser or foundation to the top of that cornflake what do you think would happen!

Try it if you please! 

I can assure you though moisture will NOT absorb and foundation will look CRUSTY!

Solution is simple, safe and effective – exfoliate dead skin away in an instant.

No Salon Appointment necessary with your very own Microdermabrasion Kit! 

2 simple steps has your skin glowing
like every actor!

Want to boost your skins
appearance now! 

Check out this
Ultra Care+ Microdermabrasion Kit
by Nutrimetics.  It even has its own ‘cheat’ sheet instructions printed on the inside of the boxed set!


Building Confidence!

Check out these Nutrimetics Microdermabrasion Reviews by beautyheaven!

Heres to Smooth Skin!

No longer any excuse to have uneven skin! 

Snap me your results!

 Kristie x

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