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I love to challenge clients to extend their comfort zone!! 

I get a thrill at the look of, ‘oh do you think I could’ on their faces!  I say, try a lipstick colour that you would love to wear, but unsure if you would like it? 

ALWAYS, ALWAYS they know exactly which colour to test! 

Even more staggering though, is it shines on them – they are a natural at wearing that colour!  Such a boost to confidence at how gorgeous a new lipstick
can make you feel!

With so many dazzling colours
and textures in the beauty industry, playing with lipsticks
is now
so much fun

Lets discover together the ultimate lip sensation for a smooth, matte finish lip colour.  I believe that matte lipsticks are so understated and are capable of a jaw dropping look in seconds!


Statement Pout

Making a statement pout is instant gratification – though it does not have to be bold and bright that people react with cringing ‘HOOOOLLLY’

A statement pout is a lip explosion that compliments your lip shape and complexion, sporting a matte finish colour that stops people in their tracks.


Follow these easy steps to achieve the ultimate Matte Lip Mwah!

  1. Exfoliating your lips removes dead, rough and flaky skin on the lip area.
  2. Add moisture!
  3. Leave your lips until last, complete the rest of your makeup first!
  4. Lip Liners do enhance a perfect shape.
  5. Apply your Matte Lipstick.

Bold finish with a nourishing semi-matte finish that is long lasting is my review of the Professional Artist Intense Lipsticks by Nutrimetics. 

EVERY time I wear one of these highly pigmented lipsticks I am complimented! 

“Wow what colour are you wearing today?”

nc Artist Intense Lipstick

6 Beautiful Matte Shades

These just are perfect! 

Perfect colours, perfect application and enriched with a Tri-Petide they fill any crevasses or fine lines
to achieve a firm,
no lip bleeding finish! 

The colour stays true – aaahhhh how amazing is that – a lip colour that stays the same all day! 
I am so impressed!


Afterall, a girl can never have
too many lipsticks!


Whilst there are 6 stunning colours in this collection, I have found that all of them have a distinct way of giving the perfect look!

Yep, I have one of each colour in my personal
Makeup Collection!

Handy Hint

When sampling lipstick colours, always use the back of your finger with a sample swipe from a cotton tip.  The acidy on your finger is similiar to that of your lips, giving you a true
indication of the true colour for you!  


Each of us could sample the same lipstick and receive a
different result each time!

 Order today

Explore Matte Lipsticks,
you will thank me for it!



 Kristie x

Tell me a new lip shade you would love to try!

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