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Perfect makeup is honestly a life-goal for every
makeup wearing woman! 

Astonishingly though, the trade secrets are hard to unlock! So let me share a basic product that is going to allow you to replicate a stunning makeup everytime!


Face Prime

‘I like to use a primer for people who tend to have uneven or oily skin


Lina Hanson
Celebrity Makeup Artist and
Natural Beauty Expert


Kristie’s Trade
Secret Reveal

Hellloooo……….want perfect makeup?

YES every single one of us do!


Face Primer!

THE trade secret to make a quick noticeable difference EVERYTIME!

Prepping the Skin

Prepping the skin for your makeup is the textbook purpose of a Primer. 

Primers create a smooth base for your makeup, hydrates and nourishes the skin as well as making pores appear smaller. Ultimately with these qualities in mind, a primer will give your makeup the staying power for a full days wear.

Lips, Eyes, Face & Lashes

Primers are suitable for application to our lips, face, eyes and/or lashes, and for maximum benefit be gently massaged onto the skin after your moisturiser and before your foundation. 

Being conscious to have clean hands, fingers generally warm the product so it applies more evenly to the skin.  Unsanitised hands can spread bacteria hence your Primer will lose some of its efficiency.

Easy Application

Placement & Application

Place a small amount in these chosen locations on your face, and then gently massage with the natural lines of your face for absorbion.


To ensure a fail-proof result, allow your Primer to set for a few minutes. Disturbing the process could cause your primer to become tacky or create a more uneven base. From here, your skin is feeling nourished and luxurious already, and it will be a pure joy at the ease of your foundation application.

The Result

We are all time-poor – while you may be adding an additional step to your routine,you will not regret the superb makeup result! 

nc Face Prime

nc Face Prime by Nutrimetics
is oil-free to shut down shine and extend makeup wear.  

Essential formula to help you achieve a velvety smooth complexion. Designed to soften pores, conceal imperfections and keep you looking makeup flawless
all day.


Kristie’s Quick Tip

Do yourself a favour, and make this straight forward, no nonsense product a knockout in your Makeup Kit!

Primer Powerful Ingredients

Marshmellow Root
Softening & Balancing Properties

Passionfruit Extract
Skin Soothing

Apricot Extract
Skin Softening & Healing

Vitamin E
Powerful Antioxidant

‘On-Point’ Makeup every time with these beautiful must-haves!

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