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Honestly, the Beauty Industry with Skincare can be
intimidating and overwhelming. 

I believe that often vulnerable woman with skincare concerns, can quickly become victims in a money-grabbing industry, forgetting that sales results do not
equal skincare solutions.


Revolutionary technology is booming in many areas of the medical World, particularly with cure research into terminal illnesses is astounding and exciting. 

Giving many people hope, and often
hope is all it takes to keep going.

Skincare falls under this technology as well! 

We do not give Skincare enough credit,
nor a high enough importance!

Approximately 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed
with skin cancer by the time they reach 70! 

Melanomas are the third most common
cancers in Australia!


Researching skincare and finding a company that is result based is vital to the longevity
of our skin. 

Skin being our largest organ of the body. 

Would it not be great to find a company where all the products are formulated and customized to consider the harshness of the Australian climate and our skin concerns!!


Look no further, as Nutrimetics has its very own Beauty Lab in Sydney, Australia. 

In this lab, Nutrimetics has used revolutionary and innovative technology to create a skincare that is a powerful, hi-tech cosmeceutical.  


Cosmeceutical = Result Based


Platinum Skincare, total advanced anti-ageing for all skin types and ages.

Platinum Skincare has instant effects, visible,
immediate and long term results! 

NOW that’s what Im talking about!!!


To start this state-of-the art regime, is the Platinum Multi-Active Cleanser & Masque!


Now I was a skeptic, Cleanser AND Masque –  how is that!


  When I want to use this as a Masque I undress for the shower, apply the soft crème, leaving this on my face while I do my other duties in the shower. 

Rinse of when ready, and it is a soft, instant cleanse! 

A masque is vital to a skincare routine as it draws the impurities to the surface of the skin, cleaning out the rubbish that stay embedded and reduces large pores.

  Time Poor………

Other days when I am more time poor, I use in the shower as a cleanser, and still receive an effective clean. It is very gentle, and can be used for sensitive skin.

  How does it work?

This dual active formula thoroughly removes makeup and impurities without drying the skin. Delivering an immediate intense hydration whether using as a cleanser or masque.

A well hydrated skin is essential with an
Australian environment! 

Dehydrated skin is susceptible to tight, flaky skin that loses resilience.  Promoting healthy skin with drinking plenty of water, using an SPF50+ and maintaining a skincare regime will ultimately assist in smooth and plump complexion.



  Its time for Me ……

Enhance your skincare results with targeted
beauty solutions!  

Grab your Premium Platinum Collection
today for your immediate results.

 Start Self Care…….

today with a cutting edge formula that
maximises your skincare results.


 Kristie x

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