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Eyeshadows and Eye Looks fascinate me – I could stare at a gorgeous eyelid for ages, gazing at the blending, toning of colours and just how amazing it can make an everyday makeup appear

It is my Ultimate Goal to wear perfect eyeshadow EVERYDAY! 

Ok, stop laughing, but we all do have that one thing we dream about!



When starting out on that eye makeup journey, we are taught to use 3 eyeshadow shades.  Firstly a base colour, and this would be the lightest of the three shades chosen.  Your second shade should be the darkest shade, and the third chosen shade to blend and tie the three colours together.


Now that sounds simple – right!?  I do not know if I am gammy or dyslexic, but I could never seem to master just 3 shades for a look that I was happy with.  It always looked a little heavier on one side, or I would have one eye perfect and the other screwy!


I have added here the Nude Look Guide to help with the 3 step method –
a great how-to!
Step 1 Base: Create your base by applying shade over the entire lid from the lash line to the brow line.

Step 2 Colour & Contour: Add colour and contour by sweeping shade over the eyelid up to the crease.

Step 3 Define:  Finish by applying shade to the lower lash line and the outer crease of the eye and bending inwards.

I do follow the guide as it is, however I love to add depth and variety to an individual look.

Trade Secret……..

Here is a trade secret for you – if you take your index finger and place it directly under your brow line – you should feel your orbital bone for your eye socket.

Moving your finger gently along the bone towards the outside of your eye, you will feel that it curves around and down to the bottom of your eye,
or corner of your eyelid and undereye.

Now from that corner, use your index and middle finger to create a ‘v’ – your middle finger following the top of your eyelash line, and your index finger across the top of your orbital bone

This ‘v’ line is your template to use your deeper eyeshadow colours.  Despite that guidance in our how-to chart to use your lightest colour selection first,
I apply my deepest shade first on this ‘V’ line.

Experiment & Have Fun

This example I have given you is about the only real structure I have, from there I love to chose the colours that compliment the darkest shade I want to wear. 

Until I am ready to blend fully, I gently dab the tip of my brush into the eyeshadow pot, popping straight onto my eyelid with the same technique. 

Dabbing gently. Circular Blend. Build Colour.

Taut Eye

When blending, be firm, do not be scared to apply a little pressure
to the lid. 

A helpful tip here is to pull the corner of your eye taut with your index finger, to firm up sagginess and
pull out any lines.

This will help you obtain the
look you desire.

Want to create a more open eye??

SSSSSSShhhhh…….this is the biggest
trade tip of all! 

EVERY girl needs to have a white or near white eyeshadow in her beauty case! 

With a blending brush, or cotton tip, apply a line of white eyeshadow directly under the hair line of the brow.  This illusion techniques creates a bigger,
brighter, younger and more open eye!! 

Makes you look younger in an INSTANT!

Master the Nude Look First!

With so many colour out in the Beauty World, Nutrimetics has launched a brilliant Professional Natural Nude Eyeshadow Palette that contains 12 neutral shimmer and matte shades ranging from soft champagne to dark bronze.

I STRONGLY recommend starting your multiple colour eye shadow journey with natural nude colours, and then moving into your brighter bolder colours


Beauty Bag It Now!


This professional palette has nude eyeshadows for every complexion, making application easy and flawless.

Love This!

Professional Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Nutrimetics is mineral based, keeping natural products at the forefront of their ingredient list.

‘On-Point’ Makeup every time with these beautiful must-haves!

Send me your eye looks!

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