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Remember the life before skin care concerns, before makeup was a big part of our everyday life, before we started the ageing process. 

Oh, how carefree we were!

Then BAM!!!!!!!

Suddenly we have started to see a few lines appearing and we seriously needed to revamp that
beauty box!  


I remember thinking in my younger days about various products, particularly an eye cream and a night crème on what was there purpose?  Surely it was just a method that skincare companies used to make more money!  I mean, the one moisturiser could do the lot? Couldn’t it??

How wrong Could I Be?!

Wow, then I entered the Beauty Industry and
realised how incorrect I was

How are woman supposed to know these things??

I was grateful to have it explained to me, and I will now share with you the purpose of an eye crème and
night crème essential.

Why We Need Eye Cremes

The layers around our eye area, are actually 7 – 10 layers thinner that the rest of the skin on our face. 

Hence it is a sensitive area, which we are all aware off.

An eye crème is designed for that delicate skin, containing nutrients to stimulate the circulation around the eye to reduce darkness and also
to delicately moisturise. 

Always focus on a specialised Eye Crème, as they often will contain a Tri-Peptide that will gently fill
crevasses and contours.

Why We Need Night Cremes

Like our physical body, our skin rests as well.  Our cell renewal is most active during 2 am and 3am every morning, meaning this is when our skin replenishes to stay healthy. 

A night crème is formulated to offer an overnight deeper rehydration for the skin. Night cremes can often be enhanced with other great nutrients to boost the skins texture as well as healing damaged cells.


The texture of a night crème is fuller, and you will noticeably feel the difference in weight between a day crème and a night crème. 

Nutrimetics offers a brilliant Anti-Ageing Extreme Night Crème, that features the power of Grape Stem Cell Technology that deeply nourishes the skin, improving elasticity and firmness.


This Anti-Ageing and hydrating formula repairs the epidermis during the bodys rest phase for visibly smoother skin.


What is Grape Stem Cell Technology? 

Grape fruit stem cells are harvested from selective grapes able to withstand
ultraviolet light. 


They are able to protect, maintain and
regenerate (promote the creation of)
epidermal adult stem cells.

That is – Cell renewal and repair! 




 Did you know that Nutrimetics actually grows and harvests their own grape crops from the Marlborough region in New Zealand. 

This is a company that shows great commitment to being fully aware of the ingredients
used in their products! 

 The whole grape is processed and there is no waste and is all chemical free!! 

WOW THUMBS UP Nutrimetics!

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 Kristie x

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