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Some days I honestly just could not be bothered…..yep are you hearing what I am saying!  I do not know how some woman can go out day after day fully made up looking a
million dollars with their makeup

I think that I just live in the real world, where yes I get tired

Work, house, family, children, work, house, family, children,
……………………………….yes hit repeat!

Yet the very minute I leave the house, I run into an old school friend, work colleague, yep and always think……..

‘I wish I made a bit more of an effort today!’  

Admit it, you have been there as well!!!


3 Step Boost!

You would be very surprised at how much of a boost you can feel with a simple foundation, mascara and a lip gloss – 3 basic steps and out the door!


An extremely versatile foundation by Nutrimetics has revolutionised foundation. 

nc Velvet Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
caters for a simple walk out-the-door coverage to build through to a more formal coverage.

The expectation of this foundation is by far more advanced from any regular liquid foundation. 

Liquid gives you the option of one standard application experience, light or medium or full – never an in-between.

nc Velvet Finish Mineral Powder Foundation is a light weight, mineral pressed powder with skin perfecting Mica and SPF 12, delivers perfect coverage, regulating oil production while evening out skin tone for an immaculate result.



Beauty Queen

Tammy Williams

Purpose & Application 



The natural mineral of the Mica Beads, once applied to the warmth of your skin, adapt to your natural skin tone.

 The longer you leave the foundation on, the more natural the look becomes.  You will never have that visible foundation line left on your jaw line.

Suitable for All Ages!

Velvet Finish Mineral Powder is suitable for the teenager just starting out on her makeup journey to a more mature lady who maybe experiencing the effects of menopause. 

Sweating, and excess oil is not a problem with this mineral based powder as it absorbs and leaves the skin with a perfect matte finish. 

During hot summer months, simply reapply as necessary for a great finish everytime.

Colour Selection Know-How


Here is a guide to our colour selection:

Light/Fair Complexion – Ivory
Fair/Medium Complexion – Sand
Medium/Dark Complexion – Toffee to Maple
Olive Complexion – Nutmeg
Dark Olive complexion – Mocha


I fully recommend the Complexion Set for you today!  


 Kristie x

Minerals Naturally!

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