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Love when the rich, bursting with juice seasonal fruit comes in! All the stone fruits, mangoes…..yum!  I love making up a big fruit salad and devouring
every single bit of it!

A secret that I am sure is across most families, is the squeezing of a little lemon juice across the top of the fruit to stop the ugly browning appearance!

I believe that Apples are the main culprits when it comes to discolouration

As Apples are high in their Vitamin C content, when the oxygen reacts with the Apple, it becomes brown and unattractive

It does not mean that the Apple is unfit to eat, just does not look appealing.


Thinking about this process, it is very similar to what can happen with our skin. 

There are many reasons why people experience discolouration of the skin.  Pigmentation, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Eczema and Carcinomas are to name a few. 

Obviously some conditions are more serious than others, and medical advice should be sought.

However with the general sun exposure and ageing, the appearance of spots and freckles grace our skin.  Some can become quite ugly, and we become very conscious about them.

I have became quite fascinated with a brilliant product that was released by Nutrimetics.  Enriched with Peony Flower Extract and Skin Brightening Spheres, this was a product that I immediately added to my skincare regime!

White Age Luminous Skin Serum has encapsulated Peony Flower Extract – tiny round spheres, that once dispensed burst, delivering instant brightening benefits while Skin Brightening Spheres reduce the appearance of dark spots and imperfection, for a luminous complexion!

SOOOO, What does that mean….????

Our Skin is represented by an Apple, suffering with discolouration and the Luminous Skin Serum is our Lemon

The spheres burst releasing the antioxidant to help
reduce the skins dark appearance.

How AMAZING is that! 

Now as a young girl growing up, like many country girls, out in the sun being kissed, so I am now blessed with freckles! 

Not that we want to change who we are, however I found with consistent use of the
White Age Luminous Skin Serum

it has reduced the depth of my spots.

Pigmentation or any other skin ailments generally take 6 – 8 weeks of consistent use before you start seeing visible signs of reduction.  So hang in there, and keep up with the treatment. 

It will be worth it!

Compliment your Lemon!

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 Kristie x

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