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Sometimes ALL I want is to be pampered!

To open my cupboard………….
find a luxurious soft, silky, beautifully scented product
 and spoil myself like theres no tomorrow!

 I do not want to think.

I do not want to know ‘oh this will slow my wrinkles’.

I do not want to work out what ‘order’ to use it.

I just want to lather, feel and smell the world away!



Whilst I have this mood looming over me, I know that prior I have made a decision to purchase a luxurious pick-me-up bodycare product!

Self Care means giving yourself permission to pause!

My Go-To Everytime!


My go-to product EVERYTIME, is the radiant, replenishing Nutri Rich Shower Oil! 

O M G!! 

If there was a product made in HEAVEN – this is it!.

Whether you are jumping in to soak in the bath or for a hot shower, Nutri Rich Shower Oil formula creates a decadent rich lather with immediate contact on the skin! 


Nutri Rich Shower Oil oozes pure luxury!!!


 You can instantly feel the nourishment
absorbing into the skin.

Nutri Rich Shower Oil

My NUMBER 1 most awesome, de-stress,
luxurious product in my house! Buy 1 to Gift, and
Buy 2 for you!

Botanical Body Scrub

My scent of choice is Vanilla & Guava in this excellent Body Exfoliator!  Natural sea salt granules will buff and smooth the skin! 

Apricot Body Dew

Non-greasy is the winner everytime for moisturising!  Instantly relieves any dryness and has the most most devine fragrance of Apricot Kernel Oil!

My COMFORT Product

You know how you carry around your ‘blankie’ as a young child, cannot go ANYWHERE without it!  

Well here is my ‘blankie’ product, Nutri Rich
Lip Treatment!

One in the handbag, car and home!  This nourishing lip treatment INSTANTLY soothes lips!

Non-Greasy formula penetrates to nourish and soothe dry, chapped lips leaving them moist.  SPF shields the lips from sun damage.

Gifting Hint

Those HARD TO BUY FOR people gifts! 
Can NEVER NEVER give the wrong gift with a
GO-TO pamper product!

Buy Your Go-Tos Now


You cannot pour from an empty cup! 

You Will Thank Me Later

 Kristie x

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