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It’s all a natural process!


A caterpillar to a butterfly, a tadpole to a frog, 
silkworms to moths.

They all have a life cycle of transformation with age.

These natural life cycles each have their own unique capabilities of renewing themselves to create and survive their natural life.


Much like these animals, our own bodies, our own skin has a natural cycle as well. 

Our skin cycle is also effected with age, though we do not transform into another amazing creature!

We have a great tendency to take our young, naturally healthy skin for granted, our skin cycle works like clockwork, with little or no knowledge on our own behalf of the amazing work our personal cycles do.

Skin, as our largest organ, protects us from infections and germs, UV radiation and regulates our
body temperature! 

If you think about it, we do notice the skin when someone is unwell, we comment how pale they are or how they looked flushed.  


We can notice dry flaky skin, sunburnt skin, moles, age spots and sweaty/oily skin.  All these can be indicators for various health issues.

Our Skin, which is home to millions of living micro organisms and bacteria necessary for us to function, are vital to our overall healthy wellbeing. 

Skin Cells renew every 28 days for an average teenager to adult, ranging in age from 20s to 30s.  For a young baby, skin cell renewal is much faster with an approximate 14 day turnaround! 

With all the growing, protecting and forming, a big work load for the skin!

 On the other end of the spectrum, after the age of 30, skin cell renewal can be 40 days, 40 years old, skin cell renewal can be 55 days and above 50 years old we could be seeing a turnover of 75 days for our skin cells
to renew!


 So what do we do about slowing 

Skin Cell Renewal! 

We REACTIVATE the renewal process!

AND this
DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème
is the perfect product. 

This cellular crème engages the skins own repair mechanisms
to make skin act younger! 

Scientists have amazingly been able to replicate the Immortal Jellyfish cells,
which regenerate themselves.


In regular terms, if a Jellyfish was to lose a tentacle, it has the mechanism to regrow and replace that tentacle! 


Therefore, with DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème it has the capacity to make our own skin cells regenerate!

You WILL notice a difference of younger, firming looking skin within 24 hours with this beautiful creamy texture!

Enhance Your Results!

Enjoy Your Renewal!

 Kristie x

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