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Imagine if we had no hands!

Apart from the fact, that we would look different to everyone else,
think about the things we do in life that require hands!!

UMMMMM………..Everything requires hands, apart from walking!

My children when little obviously thought these were much better as
food utensils
to gobble up dinner and make a mess!

We use them to show affection, to ‘talk’ with animation, to do the chores and of course displeasure can be shown with a variety of hand gestures in many ways! 

So with all that in mind, it should come as no surprise that our hands are the first visual indicators of ageing. 

Over the years of hanging clothes on the line, our hands are in direct sunlight!

Driving a car, the tops of our hands are in direct sunlight!

Gardening…….and the list becomes longer and longer!

Welcome to the World of Ageing

Have a look at the tops of your hands, can you visually see some dark spots, like freckles?

Can you see fine little lines?

Can you feel excess skin that has lost elasticity?

Yep, welcome to the World of sun damage and ageing!

So, how do we care for our hands? 
It has not been anything that we are taught to do!

The first thing to understand is that the skin on our hands 
need to be cared for the exact same way we treat the skin on our face.

Our hands are often washed with soap and water because of the
activity we have done

Hand Exfoliation can make a huge difference to the appearance of the skin.  By removing dead skin cells will immediately create a new smooth texture and allow our hand crème to absorb more efficiently. 

The most common reason people do not use hand crème is because they do not like the greasy feel of it siting on their hands.  When in truth, it because the hands have this layer of ‘rubbish’ that needs to be removed!

If you had a cornflake and tried to rub moisturiser into it, how do you think it would look and feel?

Ewwwww…………….. that is what the dead skin does to your hands! …????

A hand therapy pamper is a service I have offered and performed a
trillion times over my beauty lifetime! 

The products I have used are second to none when it comes to
exfoliation and hand care!

My Hand Rejuvenation Recommendation For You

Nutri Rich Body Polish – enriched with Apricot Kernel oil and granules of Australian Cane Sugar!  Starts off firm and intense, dissolving into a luxurious scrub as it warms with your skin.

Nutri Rich Body Butter – achieve that layering scent effect with enriched Apricot Kernel Oil and Shea Butter.  Feel your skin being quenched and smoothed with this must have body butter.

Platinum Hand Therapy – need an intense rehydration for your hands, this is it! Reduces pigmentation appearance on hands and assists in strengthening of nails.


Rid those Cornflakes!

There is nothing like beautiful cared for hands!

 Kristie x

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