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Be warned this is the WORST subject I like talking about…
…but WE ALL DO IT!


With so much going on in our World at the moment, people become more and more conscious of the food they are eating and the products they are using! Which when everyone and everything is treated with respect, can only be a good thing..


I know I have used products to clean my bathroom, to only feel overpowered, lightheaded and a burny, scratchy throat! The bathroom might gleem, but gee what
have I just inhaled!

We forget that as we make our healthier lifestyle choices that chemicals do have a large effect in our home with just about everything we do. Laundry, Bathroom, Kitchen and everything in between.

My whole house is stocked with a range of Cleaning products that are made from natural extracts from the Yukka Tree, they are biodegradable and sustainable.

Yukka roots are now highly recommended for Hygiene Products.  

It is a common myth that when you use natural ingredient based products, you will not achieve the same cleaniness as with chemicals.

My response to that is –
Have you even tried? 

I have found that there has been no compromise switching to more environmentally friendly products.

Nutrimetics has formulated products that are a solid counterparts to chemical cleaning solutions in your home.  Being plant based ensures that these products are more sustainable, and more importantly do not fill your home with toxic smells and residues that aggravate any children, or more serious conditions such as Asthma and Eczema.

Original Lotion Concentrate (OLC) is the most versatile product! 

I am continually finding more and more ways of using this in my home.  

OLC replaces my Spray and Wipe for benches in my kitchen, bathrooms and Makeup Brushes. 

OLC is used to wash vegetables to remove harmful sprays and also to wash my animals.

OLC is soap free so when cleaning shower screens there is no white residue left on the glass.  

If any of my family burn themselves, I reach for OLC as it is pH Neutral and obviously neutralises the burn area.

However this is WHAT CONVERTED my opinion totally on this product…….

This is the most amazing story!


Out of the blue one day, I had the Fire Chief contact me from our local Fire Station.  Confirming with him that yes I was a Nutrimetics Consultant he asked whether we still sold OLC, as he remembers his mother buying this product many many years ago.


Yes, we still sell OLC, available in 1 litre or 5 litre bottles……..  


Great I will have 10 x 5 Litre bottles………


Errrrr………10 Sir??????? That is A LOT of OLC!

After the initial puzzlement from me, he explained that Nutrimetics OLC was one of the only products on the market that is able to be used to clean Fire Fighters Breathing Apparatus as it is pH Neutral.  Meaning OLC contains no ingredient that then fire heat hits1000oc+, will not have any harmful effect on our
brave Fire Men and Woman.

This is not just ‘a thing’ he made up or just thought of, and unbeknown to me, OLC actually is government approved and an official report is able to be obtained from Nutrimetics to allow our fire departments to use OLC. This report is essential to all products and materials that enter our fire stations!


WOW – I was blown away!





I think its time to
make a change!

Small Change Big Results!

 Kristie x

Love our planet!

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