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Floors – they look grand when they are
sparkling clean and fresh! 

Boy, are they hard work though, and it is a
chore that never ends.

I believe that my floor stays clean just long enough for me to think I can do this clean floor thing!!!

BLINK BLINK – gone!! 

Food crumbs, hair bands, shoes, bags, cat hair, dirt,
a piece of carrot – like

WHY is there always a piece of carrot?????????

**Insert BIG SIGH HERE** 

Well, if we were to vacuum AGAIN and
fill our mop bucket with just water, it would
give the floor a freshen up and we
would be able to cope with that. 


However over time, the water will not be
sufficient enough to maintain a great clean.

Therefore we would have to add a cleaning product that
will give the
floor an added lift, and add that sparkle!

Keep this in mind for a minute……………………..

When we consider our skin, we also keep it fresh and clean with our beautiful skincare regimes.  The feel and texture after we have used our beautiful products is calming and satisfying.  Much like the feelings we get with our floor.

At times, we are travelling, or we have a packed bag for the gym or simply we have had a massive few days, that plonking into bed is the only
thought going through our brain.

 Foam Fresh Botanical Cleanser Toner
by Nutrimetics 

Nutrimetics have a fantastic two-in-one product called Foam Fresh Cleanser Toner.

Cleanser Toners have a non-drying formula that transforms from liquid to foam ready to dissolve impurities and condition the skin. 

Ideal in the shower, one pump, wash and out!


All you need to do is moisturise
and you are on your way. 

Perfect for you when you are simply exhausted, travelling lightly with luggage or at the gym showers.

You are going to have nice clean skin, impurities washed away and a freshen up will be achieved.

Now this is where the cleaning of floors come into it!  Yes, you will achieve a degree of cleanliness with water in the mop bucket, we all agree though, this will eventually not be enough.

Foam Fresh Botanical Cleansers Toners will also give our skin a necessary cleanse and restore a pH balance, ready for your moisturiser.  

Like the water in the mop bucket, it is not enough over an extended time.

Whilst I highly recommend a cleanser toner in everyones cupboard, I firmly believe for your maximum skincare results and treatments, it will be necessary for you to have a separate Cleanser, Toner and Moisturize.

Handy Tip that you can also use
Cleanser Toners for………………


Great to use as a shave foam for men as it
reduces ingrown hairs!

Choose the Fresh Apple Cleanser Toner for your
‘coming into puberty’
 Tween – apple helps to reduce
the inflammation in blocked pores.

Ask a hairdresser what she thinks of 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioners, chances are she will not recommend them over a period of time! 

Same Same for our skin!



Never Accept Shortcuts Long Term!

 Kristie x

Love your Skin!

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