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This week I have advanced from my LOVED Samsung phone to an Iphone!  GRRRRR…..that transferring over process is mundane, tiresome, inconvenient and rightly just a pain in the behind

I try to click onto a site, only to close the app, try to slide and end up I don’t know where!!  I do become really frustrated and could throw the darn thing!!  My family, who are all Iphone savvy just laugh and say its easy, just do this……………..!!!!

  My week has also been extremely busy with facials, and makeup appointments! 

 I just love meeting people and guiding people to feel good about themselves with the products that they use.

 To find solutions to their skincare issues and to recommend a to help them achieve great results.


When I think about the job I do and love, I can relate this to my issue of frustration and chore of firing up with new technology.




 For me, skincare and makeup are simple – directing woman to the correct treatment is yep, you need this, this and this, use it in this order and this will be your outcome!


Simple, Right!

Simple – right, a phrase my family has used on me for a few days now, how horrid that phrase is! I vow NEVER to use it again.

    Perseverance – gradual perseverance! 

    Skincare, most want to do and love to do it – they love the result of beautiful feeling skin and a sense of accomplishment is a satisfying feeling.  Only when we do a task over and over again does it become second nature. 

    By my family, lovingly (that was a funny) and patiently guiding me over and over again will I ‘get-it’. As well as me, over and over again guiding and supporting my clients will they also ‘get-it’.

    Saying that though, I know when I do nail the how-to of my new phone, I know it will be simple, easy and I will quickly be able to find the information I am after, and using those apps will become second nature for me.

    Technology and Skincare WILL become second nature

    ‘Rinse and Repeat’

    So whether you are starting off with new technology or delving into a new skincare program. 

    Set your program on ‘rinse and repeat’ – skincare WILL become second nature as well. 

    AND if you are a very valued client of mine, ensure you are always contacting me to help you and if necessary re explain to you what a products does, why it does it, and
    when to use it!!


    Check out these Skincare Solutions!


    Clarifying Clay Treatment – beautiful minerals to detox the skin, draw out impurities and leave refreshed!

    Microdermabrasion Kit – 2 simple steps for removal of dead skin. Visibly reduces wrinkle appearance and skin texture.

    Honey & Almond Scrub –
    finely milled particles to buff away rough & uneven skin and promotes a clearer complexion.

    Lets Learn together

    A day without learning, is a day lost!



     Kristie x

    Love Learning!

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