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Festive seasons, we love the holidays, we love catching up with our nearest and dearests, we love Australian weather where in April we can still swim and enjoy the sunshine AND we love to nibble, drink and be merry!

Oh, and have we eaten!! 

We spent Good Friday with delicious seafood from Northern NSW Coast, a mix of hot delicious seafood baskets and fresh from the ocean prawns and oysters!!

YUM,   PLUS eggs, glorious chocolate eggs and cheesecakes – yes plural – there were 13 of us to feed!

Wash that down with a little wine or beer – satisfaction!!

Our skin, on the other hand, probably is not in agreeance with us about a week or so later.


Alcohol loves to dehydrate us, as does that warm
sunshine by the pool, less water intake as well is
not the most helpful either. 

  The myth is you eat too much chocolate you will
get pimples! 

Well, that is correct to a certain extent, but
if you look at what I just explained we had eaten and I
will explain to you why we get spots about a week later.

Our skin is quite clever as an indicator to what is happening internally. 

For instance pimples, spots and acne that appear on the jawline, chin and up to under the nose area is an indication of hormonal issues.  Generally for woman we will see these pop up around our period cycles, and will always appear worse during this time. 

Across the top of the forehead to our brow line, problems popping up here generally are associated with stress in our lives.  Relationships, jobs, studying, moving – life!  This is where it shows.

The area in between is our diet and water intake.  So whilst delighting in chocolates can contribute, it is not the only factor. 

Alcohol = less water intake, fried foods, sweet foods and our intake of these contribute.

I know when I have a week on the road with team training, beauty classes and meeting loads of new people, I eat at the wrong times, choosing to eat from a service station on the run, and of course that sugar fix to keep hyped for the long drives, and lack of water. 

Sure enough a week later you will see on my cheek area the effects of making these not-so-good choices.



 It is not realistic to say we will avoid these foods, and delights.  Rather it is more valuable that we understand what the skin is telling us and bring solutions to restore our skins needs. 

Everything is ok in Moderation!

Hope you had a blessed Easter with your loved ones.

 Kristie x

Always in Control!

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