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One of my pet cheeses, is when you are working with a client in a room full of people, and someone starts that ‘beauty is from within’ rant………. don’t know why you need all the crap on your face, if God wanted us to wear makeup we would have been born with it, why don’t you save your money, you are already beautiful without all ‘that’……….blah, blah, blah


You know the one don’t you!  I bet you are picturing that person right now in your mind!!

Now, I do not get upset because they are jeopardising sales, I get upset because they firstly undermind my job that the client has asked me to do, they make the client feel uncomfortable and thirdly are very self-righteous and rude.

I do believe that beauty comes from within, but what a boring old world it is when we are all the same. 

I enjoy looking after my skin and wearing makeup, it may not be a glamour look, I may not be the most attractive girl in the World, however I feel more confident and at times more beautiful. 

That negative talk stays in your head.

If someone says you are fat, what do you see when you look in the mirror, what is your self talk? 

If someone says to you why don’t you save your
money instead? 

What are you thinking when you are applying your makeup – I am not worth the money spent to feel nice.

I challenge these outspoken people, to actually keep quiet, you know what, mind your own business.  Our own mind usually gives us all a hard enough time, without those around us starting.  When you are perfect how about start dictating then.

Everyone has a choice on what they wear, how they spend their money, as well as what they need to do  
for a little self-care.

You know what, eat the cake, buy the shoes, look after you skin, practise self care and do it all with a feel good smile!

There is nothing like beautiful cared for hands!

 Kristie x

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