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When your favourite product is discontinued what do you do? 

Throw a tantrum is the first option, then once that is done, it is the ‘they always discontinue the products I like!’ syndrome, the world is against me, I shall not be able to live!

Moving onto S Q U E E Z I N G the death out of the tube to savor EVERY last drop of product!

After a period of denial, we begin to accept the reality and regroup! 


Rational thinking starts to kick in and we begin the trek to replace what is lost.

This is a true even for me recently.  For years I have used an amazing product, enriched with Rice Powder to exfoliate my skin gently on a daily basis. 


Replacement Process

So when the reasonable part of my brain allowed me to continue on with life, I popped in a normal every day cleanser in my favs place

It wasn’t the same, and I could feel my skin have a dead cell buildup!  A downfall of being skincare trained, is that it feels worse than what it probably is!

Now I have a house full of beautiful result based products, so for me I was able to easily incorporate what was missing

What has happened though, is the realisation that I haven’t enabled my customers the same privilege

How harsh is it when you find that you sometimes fail in an area of your customer service!


Products are discontinued for many reasons, lack of sales, upgrade of ingredients, or staying on trend with what the market is doing.

So when we next have a product that disappears, I am ensuring I have a system in place to service those amazing customers of mine with a trial replacement from my healthy stash of brilliant products.


I need your help!!

Send me a message to receive your FREE sample sachet of our luxurious Nutri Rich Oil…….


What favourite product have you been
devastated to lose?


What process have you gone to finding a replacement?

Your answer will enable me to provide you better support during your devastating
product lost times!



 Kristie x

New Beginnings!

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