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So I have been in my beauty business now for over 16 years!  I have no idea over that time how many facials, makeovers or amount of product I have sold!  I have met some amazing people over that time and helped guide them with beauty solutions.

So as you can imagine, I have a whole house full of wonderful products, and could cater for just about every problem and do any level of makeover required.


** BIG sigh inserted here…..then there is my Husband**


My husband, John has terrible skin, he is fair, very fair – should live in England fair skin!!  To add to his skin issues, he is a diesel mechanic, working in the sun on trucks with grease, mud and anything else dripping off the trailer! 

We have just completed 2 weeks of Efudex Crème from his skin doctor, a very harsh chemotherapy crème to kill any cancerous cells on your face, neck and hands!

He looks like he has been extremely sunburnt with big flaky peeling skin falling from his face!

Now, the stigma comes in that men do not need to use skincare or that girly stuff. 

However, Mens skin needs to be cared for just as much as woman.  John has never really even applied a moisturiser and now we are feeling the consequences.

I also believe that packaging comes down to a lot of the ‘Men don’t do Skincare’ mentality!

Hopefully with time, companies will address and be more aware of how they market their product and the look of their product.

Click this button to see, what I feel, is great MAN Friendly Skincare Packaging, as well as result based products.

As my husbands skin at the moment is red, sore and flaky – he is willing to entertain the idea of using some moisturising crème to restore some hydration and start healing.

Secretly I actually think he is enjoying the attention, but also that tightness has eased on his face! 

Falling short of saying, I told you so, he believes it is assisting his face repair.

John doesnt like the camera very much, so feel privileged people that here he is, holding our Nutri Moist Intense Creme, that is easing the pain, soothing and rehydrating.


John and I before the
Efudex Creme. So we will continue the battle to encourage our men to look after their skin.  

These few products are Johns favourite, so maybe your man will love them too!

Botanical Exfoliating Soaps – John loves the crushed Passionfruit Seeds to help wash off grease and daily grime. (Tangerine is his favourite scent)


NutriMoist Intense Creme – this is repairing Johns skin with deep moisturising.


Smart Shield Protection Creme SPF 50+ – Johns new best friend!  Protect the skin with an high SPF!

Love Our Boys Skin!

 Kristie x

Look After His Skin!

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