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Double Cleanse, are you serious – we now need to DOUBLE cleanse!!????

That even sounds a lot of work.  And Yes, when I first heard of it, I was a bit puzzled as well as too how and why!

What is Double Cleanse?

Pointing out the obvious, we use our cleanser twice!  Now the rule has always been if we wore makeup we cleansed twice! Once to remove the makeup and secondly to clean out the pores!  That hasn’t changed, except now we have the method as an on-trend ‘must do’! 

Basically, double cleansing fully dislodges foundation, dirt and pollution particles more
effectively than cleansing once.


So Yes, its adding that extra step to our regimes! 

However as I have always said, if your skincare is taking more
than a 1 or 2 minute to do complete your skin care routine,
you are taking way too long!


Lets take a look at the Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Cleansing Balm, and how, when partnered with the correct cleanser will benefit your skins needs for double cleansing.

Nutri Rich Cleansing Balm dissolves impurities and all traces of makeup.  It has a fusion gel to balm formula that is enriched with Nutrimetics’ Signature blend of Apricot Oil. 

As a Cleanser, massage into wet skin to transform into a milky balm texture that cleanses impurities and leaves the skin soothed, soft, nourished and supple.

Double Cleansing With Anti Ageing

Oily Skin/Restore Cleansing Lotion:  The Cleansing Balm attracts oil, dissolving sebum, grease and make-up.  The light foam
cleanser lifts impurities.

Dry Skin/Restore Cleansing Creme:  Dry Skin will love our soft, luxurious balm.  The rich moisturising cleanser will not strip dry skin of its natural ‘oils’, with no taut feeling post-cleanse.

Double Cleansing With Pigmentation

The balm will effortlessly melt away even heavy make-up. 

The light cleansing lotion will boost luminescence for brighter skin.

Double Cleansing With Sensitivity

Use the non-irritating
balm cleanser first to
melt make-up. 

The sensitive cleanser will enrich skin with calming ingredients like Camellia.

Double Cleansing With
Combination Skin

Balance is key for combination skin types.  Hydrate with the rich cleansing balms and refresh with a light creme cleanser to follow.

Looking After Me is a Priority!



 Kristie x

Love your Skin!

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