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Double my what?? I have to Cleanse Twice Now?

Double my what?? I have to Cleanse Twice Now?

Double Cleanse, are you serious – we now need to DOUBLE cleanse!!????

That even sounds a lot of work.  And Yes, when I first heard of it, I was a bit puzzled as well as too how and why!

What is Double Cleanse?

Pointing out the obvious, we use our cleanser twice!  Now the rule has always been if we wore makeup we cleansed twice! Once to remove the makeup and secondly to clean out the pores!  That hasn’t changed, except now we have the method as an on-trend ‘must do’! 

Basically, double cleansing fully dislodges foundation, dirt and pollution particles more
effectively than cleansing once.


So Yes, its adding that extra step to our regimes! 

However as I have always said, if your skincare is taking more
than a 1 or 2 minute to do complete your skin care routine,
you are taking way too long!


Lets take a look at the Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Cleansing Balm, and how, when partnered with the correct cleanser will benefit your skins needs for double cleansing.

Nutri Rich Cleansing Balm dissolves impurities and all traces of makeup.  It has a fusion gel to balm formula that is enriched with Nutrimetics’ Signature blend of Apricot Oil. 

As a Cleanser, massage into wet skin to transform into a milky balm texture that cleanses impurities and leaves the skin soothed, soft, nourished and supple.

Double Cleansing With Anti Ageing

Oily Skin/Restore Cleansing Lotion:  The Cleansing Balm attracts oil, dissolving sebum, grease and make-up.  The light foam
cleanser lifts impurities.

Dry Skin/Restore Cleansing Creme:  Dry Skin will love our soft, luxurious balm.  The rich moisturising cleanser will not strip dry skin of its natural ‘oils’, with no taut feeling post-cleanse.

Double Cleansing With Pigmentation

The balm will effortlessly melt away even heavy make-up. 

The light cleansing lotion will boost luminescence for brighter skin.

Double Cleansing With Sensitivity

Use the non-irritating
balm cleanser first to
melt make-up. 

The sensitive cleanser will enrich skin with calming ingredients like Camellia.

Double Cleansing With
Combination Skin

Balance is key for combination skin types.  Hydrate with the rich cleansing balms and refresh with a light creme cleanser to follow.

Looking After Me is a Priority!



 Kristie x

Love your Skin!

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men do not use skincare, or so the say!

men do not use skincare, or so the say!

So I have been in my beauty business now for over 16 years!  I have no idea over that time how many facials, makeovers or amount of product I have sold!  I have met some amazing people over that time and helped guide them with beauty solutions.

So as you can imagine, I have a whole house full of wonderful products, and could cater for just about every problem and do any level of makeover required.


** BIG sigh inserted here…..then there is my Husband**


My husband, John has terrible skin, he is fair, very fair – should live in England fair skin!!  To add to his skin issues, he is a diesel mechanic, working in the sun on trucks with grease, mud and anything else dripping off the trailer! 

We have just completed 2 weeks of Efudex Crème from his skin doctor, a very harsh chemotherapy crème to kill any cancerous cells on your face, neck and hands!

He looks like he has been extremely sunburnt with big flaky peeling skin falling from his face!

Now, the stigma comes in that men do not need to use skincare or that girly stuff. 

However, Mens skin needs to be cared for just as much as woman.  John has never really even applied a moisturiser and now we are feeling the consequences.

I also believe that packaging comes down to a lot of the ‘Men don’t do Skincare’ mentality!

Hopefully with time, companies will address and be more aware of how they market their product and the look of their product.

Click this button to see, what I feel, is great MAN Friendly Skincare Packaging, as well as result based products.

As my husbands skin at the moment is red, sore and flaky – he is willing to entertain the idea of using some moisturising crème to restore some hydration and start healing.

Secretly I actually think he is enjoying the attention, but also that tightness has eased on his face! 

Falling short of saying, I told you so, he believes it is assisting his face repair.

John doesnt like the camera very much, so feel privileged people that here he is, holding our Nutri Moist Intense Creme, that is easing the pain, soothing and rehydrating.


John and I before the
Efudex Creme. So we will continue the battle to encourage our men to look after their skin.  

These few products are Johns favourite, so maybe your man will love them too!

Botanical Exfoliating Soaps – John loves the crushed Passionfruit Seeds to help wash off grease and daily grime. (Tangerine is his favourite scent)


NutriMoist Intense Creme – this is repairing Johns skin with deep moisturising.


Smart Shield Protection Creme SPF 50+ – Johns new best friend!  Protect the skin with an high SPF!

Love Our Boys Skin!

 Kristie x

Look After His Skin!

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Lets me tell you of a few choice changes and my jeans now fitting!

Lets me tell you of a few choice changes and my jeans now fitting!

That weight loss journey, oh, I think we have all been there at one stage or another. 

I look at those committed people who lose incredible amount of weight, they are dedicated, exercise,  project that image of that’s the ONLY way to stay healthy!   

You know what, I am going to be absolutely transparent here, that person is not me!  Yes I have to lose weight, yes I should exercise more, I actually do like to exercise, either swimming or walking!  Sometimes for me though, the struggle to just maintain the day is a mind game!  

So I wanted to share with you, how I have started to manage a little bit of weight loss.  It is a slow process and sometimes I fall of the wagon, but I have managed to lose about 5kgs, it my not be miracle level however, I am damn proud of myself.


I am not a health professional on losing weight or what is best for your body, I am simply going to explain a few choice changes for me and the results I have had.

Understanding Food

I found this app called My Fitness Pal – check it out if you please.  I have always been a little ‘dumb’ on sugar intake, carbs and protein requirements.  I love food, and enjoy a good hearty meal! 

What this app allowed me to do was to record what foods I was eating and allocate the calories for that food.  It did not take me long to work out a balance of ‘x’ amount that would assist me in shedding a few extra kilos. I was surprised at my eating style, I am not a sweet tooth, but just needed to adapt my intake.

Increasing your water intake also helps to lose more weight!

    The biggest difference I have made, is every morning I have had a meal replacement shake for breakfast. 

    Breakfast was always the meal I struggled with most – leaving it until about morning tea time to not make the correct food selection. 

    I load my shake with White Chia Seeds, on my doctors instruction for fibre, and fruit.  Be it Bananas, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries etc. 

    What ever is your favourite choice!

    You can mix with Skim Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk or any Vegan Milk alternative.

    I also have a bit of a temperamental tummy, no Im not gluten free, but I struggle with breads and pastas, anything wheat loaded really.  So the Nutri-Shape Shake, is gluten free and scientifically formulated to help control weight and healthy digestion with probiotics.  PERFECT!!     

    Give this a go…………

    Fountain of Youth Smoothie

    1/2 Avacado
    1 cup frozen blueberries
    1 – 2 teaspons of chia seeds
    1/2 cup of chopped strawberries
    250 – 500ml filtered water
    1 sachet of NutriShape Meal Replacement 


    Replace one daily meal:
    breakfast, lunch or dinner



    Pop all of those ingredients into my mini blender and bang, its done! 

    I sit to enjoy my shake and continue to work. 

    I love that the shake gives me enough to make it to lunch.

    It fits, its simple and I love that my body is enjoying such a simple change. 


    ON SALE NOW FOR $34.00/10 Sachets


     Order today

    I have stocked up at this crazzzii price!



     Kristie x

    Small Changes make BIG Impacts!

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    Left feeling devastated from your fav disappearing!

    Left feeling devastated from your fav disappearing!

    When your favourite product is discontinued what do you do? 

    Throw a tantrum is the first option, then once that is done, it is the ‘they always discontinue the products I like!’ syndrome, the world is against me, I shall not be able to live!

    Moving onto S Q U E E Z I N G the death out of the tube to savor EVERY last drop of product!

    After a period of denial, we begin to accept the reality and regroup! 


    Rational thinking starts to kick in and we begin the trek to replace what is lost.

    This is a true even for me recently.  For years I have used an amazing product, enriched with Rice Powder to exfoliate my skin gently on a daily basis. 


    Replacement Process

    So when the reasonable part of my brain allowed me to continue on with life, I popped in a normal every day cleanser in my favs place

    It wasn’t the same, and I could feel my skin have a dead cell buildup!  A downfall of being skincare trained, is that it feels worse than what it probably is!

    Now I have a house full of beautiful result based products, so for me I was able to easily incorporate what was missing

    What has happened though, is the realisation that I haven’t enabled my customers the same privilege

    How harsh is it when you find that you sometimes fail in an area of your customer service!


    Products are discontinued for many reasons, lack of sales, upgrade of ingredients, or staying on trend with what the market is doing.

    So when we next have a product that disappears, I am ensuring I have a system in place to service those amazing customers of mine with a trial replacement from my healthy stash of brilliant products.


    I need your help!!

    Send me a message to receive your FREE sample sachet of our luxurious Nutri Rich Oil…….


    What favourite product have you been
    devastated to lose?


    What process have you gone to finding a replacement?

    Your answer will enable me to provide you better support during your devastating
    product lost times!



     Kristie x

    New Beginnings!

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    I will choose my own beauty, thanks!

    I will choose my own beauty, thanks!

    One of my pet cheeses, is when you are working with a client in a room full of people, and someone starts that ‘beauty is from within’ rant………. don’t know why you need all the crap on your face, if God wanted us to wear makeup we would have been born with it, why don’t you save your money, you are already beautiful without all ‘that’……….blah, blah, blah


    You know the one don’t you!  I bet you are picturing that person right now in your mind!!

    Now, I do not get upset because they are jeopardising sales, I get upset because they firstly undermind my job that the client has asked me to do, they make the client feel uncomfortable and thirdly are very self-righteous and rude.

    I do believe that beauty comes from within, but what a boring old world it is when we are all the same. 

    I enjoy looking after my skin and wearing makeup, it may not be a glamour look, I may not be the most attractive girl in the World, however I feel more confident and at times more beautiful. 

    That negative talk stays in your head.

    If someone says you are fat, what do you see when you look in the mirror, what is your self talk? 

    If someone says to you why don’t you save your
    money instead? 

    What are you thinking when you are applying your makeup – I am not worth the money spent to feel nice.

    I challenge these outspoken people, to actually keep quiet, you know what, mind your own business.  Our own mind usually gives us all a hard enough time, without those around us starting.  When you are perfect how about start dictating then.

    Everyone has a choice on what they wear, how they spend their money, as well as what they need to do  
    for a little self-care.

    You know what, eat the cake, buy the shoes, look after you skin, practise self care and do it all with a feel good smile!

    There is nothing like beautiful cared for hands!

     Kristie x

    Aim for Results Now!

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