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Ageing Slowly and Gracefully!

I have become a recent user of Snapchat – slow I know – all these wonderful new social platforms we can play on!  My little niece loves to shock her Aunty with the crazy filters and antics she can create!  I love this interaction AND I love being able to put on filter...


We can thank the Kardashian sisters for the full pout trend that has gravitated to mountainous heights over recent years!  Kylie Jenner, the youngest kardashian, who really emphasized the impact lips can have on your overall appearance. Kylie Jenner has created a...

Managing Makeup with Manic Menopause!

It’s a part of life women have to look forward to…NOT!

Our Mothers and Grandmothers have put out the warning to us… So I decided to research what makeup was out there for Menopausal Women!

It Pays to Clay!

Clay Treatment Masks certainly have secured their spot in the beauty market. Designed to detox the skin, the clay draws the impurities to the surface and promotes a healthy glowing complexion. Excess oil and dirt are absorbed as the clay treatment dries.

The Makeup Confident Bride

Effortless, picture perfect skin and makeup rate high on any bride-to-be’s list. An essential skincare regime and makeup plan is an early necessity for that list – here are some of my top tips for flawless bridal skin and makeup!

Welcome to Building Beauty

Here I am........................   A stay at home Mum, working a full time career in the beauty industry.  I love people, communication, products, knowledge! I love making woman feel valued and capable. My Journey You know the story..... At home with two little...