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Your Skins Berocca

Your Skins Berocca

We all know the tune…… B… B… Berocca brings back your B… B… Bounce!

A flavoured mineral supplement drink, enriched with vitamins, has been
clinically proven to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

You probably have heard people mention drinking a Berocca after a big night out
to assist the recovery and rehydrate from excess alcohol! 

Berocca Performance improves physical stamina, reduces tiredness and fatigue. 
While we can easily understand how our physical body can suffer from these ailments,
we do not consider the effects on our external skin!

UV rays from the Sun,
working outside.

Absence of a
suitable SPF

Air Conditioning
cooling and heating

Fluorescent lights in
buildings and offices

Alcohol and Smoking

Ageing Process

Lack of skincare

All of the above list contributes to dull, flat,
pigmented and fatigued skin!

With all of these stacked up against us –
how do we maintain a healthy complexion!

It would be wonderful if we could rub a berocca
all over our skin for the same result.

Well it may not be a fizzy tablet, but here is a
fabulous solution to all your skin ailments.

Nutrimetics Platinum DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème
is just the boost your skin craves!


 How does it work?

Our skin cell renewal slows dramatically when we experience problems from the above list. When we are young we do not seem too worried, however as the ageing process becomes more noticeable, our concern on our skins appearance becomes a priority. 

Now to fully understand the HOW this works,
I need to explain the revolutionary breakthrough ingredients! 

Juvefaxo (Immortal Peptide – 51) – a complex ingredient designed from the immortal jellyfish DNA – Juvefaxo activates cellular renewal and engage the skins own repair mechanisms to make the skin act younger.

You see the immortal Jellyfish is capable of reversing its own ageing process – once the Jellyfish reaches maturity it then has the ability to hit the rewind button to them become a young polyp again! 

Imagine that, once we reached old age, we can reverse our life and become a baby again!!


Galanga Leaf Extract (Aromatic Ginger) – intelligently activates the skins own Hyaluronic Acid production, providing potent skin plumping benefits, with a 3D volumising effect!

Hyaluronic Acid production is the skins natural way of retaining moisture to avoid dehydration.


Zinc Complex is a rich mineral complex that protects skin cells against lost elasticity and firmness to help maintain younger looking skin! 

PHEW – that seemed a little bit of hard work – basically DNA Cellular Age Repair Crème equals a Berocca for our skin!!

Here is a testimony story from a great customer who suffered badly with Basil Cell Carcinomas, skin cancers,  having her skin doctor on speed dial because of the irregularity of changing spots on her skin.  Over the years, she has used Efudex, a chemotherapy solution cream, which burns the skin, leaving blisters and painful peeling skin.  She has had many skin cancers burnt off with dry ice and of course experienced surgically removed procedures as well. 


 After using Nutrimetics DNA Cellular Repair Crème, and keeping her scheduled appointment times, her doctor was amazed – this was her first appointment EVER that she did not require any specialised treatment! 

At 65, this was a great achievement! 

As the immortal jellyfish peptide renewed the skins cells, keeping the skin cells active and not permitting them to ‘die’, it did not allow for the skin cancers to develop. 

Please note this product does not claim to stop skin cancers, and any concern with your skin please
seek professional medical advice. 

    My Opinion

My personal experience, has left my 45+ years skin feeling hydrated, silky and plump. 

At first I could not stop touching my face! 

 Skincare with no regrets!

Its boost time for your skin! 

  Kristie x

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Not Just On The Inside……

Not Just On The Inside……

Growing up we would all agree that we never really had an understanding of different sensitivities and preferences. Nor a lot of patience. I believe that the craziest thing I had ever heard of was a vegetarian…….a what??!?! You don’t eat meat – why??!!

Now it wasn’t just purely a case of lack of education, but also exposure. 

Growing up in western Queensland, Australia – most of my friends came from cattle and sheep farms, so to be fair that would seem a little unusual to my mind.


Changing with the times

Thank goodness, times have changed, education has caught up and acceptance has prevailed. 

Lets have a look at some important dietary preferences and sensitivities that are quickly evolving.

Respecting Health Issues

Diabetes – a group of diseases that result I too much sugar in the blood (high blood glucose) In Australia this is that fastest increasing chronic disease – growing faster that Cancer and Heart Disease!

Cholesterol – is a type of fat found in the bloodsteam.  High Colesterol can clog the blood vessels that supply the heart and other parts of the body.

Peanut, Tree Nuts and Seed allergies – often varies from person to person- from severe emergent symptoms to cramps, runny noses and nausea.

Veganism is a practise of abstaining from the use of animal products in a persons diet.  Avoiding eggs, dairy products and honey.

A true vegetarian eats no meat at all, including chicken and fish. A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of chronic degenerative diseases.

Whether a personal decision or necessity with diet and food choices, it is the realisation that we have to supervise what we put into our bodies, however we also need to monitor the skincare, bodycare and cosmetics we also use.


Skin is our bodies largest organ and will absorb everything we apply.



 Vegan Friendly Skincare

Comfort PLUS Anti-Ageing Skincare


Comfort PLUS is Nutrimetics first dermatologically formulated range to combat the visible signs of ageing, skin sensitivity AND redness in one!

FINALLY you no longer need to decide between Sensitivity OR Anti-Ageing!!

 This calming range soothes sensations of discomfort, optimises skin tolerance and strengthens skins barrier.

Enriched with natures kindest extracts, there is no use of any form of animal product or by-product! 

Vegan Friendly Ticklst


NO Animal Testing

 Powerful Natural Ingredients

Reduces the skins responsiveness to
external irritation.

Camellia Extract
Reduces the appearance of dark spots
and redness.

Banana Flower Extract
Reduces the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles.

Vegan Friendly Makeup

Nutrimetics offer many makeup products containing natural minerals, in particular Mica.

Mica is a name given to a group of minerals which can be ground down into sparkling powders for use in beauty products, causing it to be referred to as ‘natures’s glitter’ Colours wary between the different minerals, from silver and white to pink and purple tones.

Flawless nc Mineral Powder Foundation Option for a Vegan friendly foundation use!

nc NUDE Eyeshadow Palette has magical shades, dampen your brush for a deeper intensity of colours!

 Naturally Beautiful Skincare & Cosmetics


What natural skincare products do you use?

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Layering Effect

Layering Effect

I have been there, as I am sure you have……
you take a bit whiff of someone with bad BO (Body Odour)

Arrrrgggghhhhhh, it is so vile! 
Is it really THAT difficult to NOT have body odour!????

Do these people not shower?
Wash their clothes? 
Dab a bit of perfume on? 
Spray/roll on some Deodorant??????

Our sweat glands develop once we hit puberty,
so PEOPLE teach your children EARLY about smelling nice!


General hygiene is the golden rule here obviously!

. I am sure we do not have to go through the tick list on how NOT to have BO and maintain a pleasant body scent!  I would like to though introduce you to the Deodorant I have been using myself for many years, and also what is referred to as the layering effect.

We are so fortunate to have many beautiful products on the market to use to bathe with.  Many delicious and delightful fragrances that make our smelling senses dance! The layering effect is when you use multiple products all enhanced with the same fragrance to retain that product smell throughout the day! 


Bathing in a Botanical Energizing Shower Gel with the Lime Fresh fragrance, is fruity and fun!  This is my absolute favourite Gel.  Balanced with natural extracts, these gels gently cleanse without drying the skin.

I must say, Nutrimetics has enriched these products in a way that they are PH Neutral on the skin, contain no soap agents and therefore is perfect for anyone who suffers with skin conditions!

We have discussed the importance of Exfoliating our body to remove the dead skin buildup.  To continue the layering effect, next use the Lime Fresh Exfoliating Body Scrub

WOW – this Nutrimetics product features two exfoliating ingredients, Rice Bran Wax and Pumice to buff away dead skin cells to leave an ultra smooth and of course, fresh skin.


An added little benefit of no soap agents in the Botanical Shower Gels is, you do not receive that white soap film scum on your shower glass!

Your body is tantalising with the fresh aroma of
Lime Fresh Botanicals!

You feel great AND smell great!

 Enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, Echinacea and Green Tea Extract, Nutrimetics has produced an antiperspirant that delivers protection the whole family can rely on day after day.  A unisex fragrance that is alcohol free to ensure
kindness to our underarms.

  Myth Buster

Despite common belief –  there is no convincing evidence that antiperspirants cause breast cancer.
A hoax email started this rumour!

 Go Forth and Smell Beautiful!

Self Care is always worth it!  

Happy Shopping!

 Kristie x

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Is it Wheelie Bin Day Yet!?

Is it Wheelie Bin Day Yet!?


Stop for a minute……..
when did you last have some ‘Me’ Time???

I am not just talking about sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of your favourite brew. 

I am saying for us girls, when did you take the time to enjoy applying your makeup, stopping to paint your nails (and toe nails to match), using a hair masque or enjoying a nice hot tub with some gorgeous products??  

For most of us getting to the bathroom without a child or animal following you seems to be a major achievement!

Human or Animal
they will always find you!


Life just gets busier and busier, demands and deadlines, dates and times!  
Go there, pick up this, a loooong line up at the bank
would you mind being on the local volunteer group!  
Breathing……we generally say ‘Yes sure’……afterall we do not want to disappoint people.


Self Care Time

Why then when someone suggest some self care we find it so difficult, why do we say ‘I wish, have no time’?????  
Have you peered in with envy at those Nail Cafes and seen people indulging in a foot spa!  Oooooh, yes please!!!

Self Care is an essential ingredient for survival in this fast paced World.
We need to pull ourselves back from the brink, the emotional breakdowns and the life crushing burnouts.
Self Care does not even need to take you 20 minutes, BUT Self Care DOES require practise!
So I hear you saying – well yeah it sounds lovely, but when!!!????

 Self Care requires regular practise!

You Can Do It!

Yep, you have a WHOLE 24 hours, to practice a 5 or 10 minute Self Care essential!
Create yourself a menu of quick, sweet delights for your busy lifestyle.


Kristie’s little Secret………………

Here is the secret………..
do not ‘shush it’…..instead
GET LOUD and share it!!

Its a funny little trick, but it works……….
Are your giggles ready………….

The day the Wheelie Bin goes out……is the day we practice our Self Care!



The time to start your Self Care is NOW!

Here is sweet little menu I have compiled for you!
                                                                                                                                                                           (to save you time)
Choose 1 or choose them all!


  • Nutri Rich Shower Oil
    How can I describe this………it truly is an experience to lather yourself in this luxurious formula that nourishes, protects and cleanses your body!  AND the smell!!!!! DEVINE – the combination of Apricot Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sweet Almond Oil is magical!
    A few small drops in the shower/bath and you have the perfect quick Self Care Solution!


  • Nutri Rich Hand & Body Polish

    Who knew that cane sugar can be SO good for you! Melt away all that gross dead skin built up with a firm buff!  Your skin will be smooth and moisturised in one application!  This is about the only exfoliator I know that DOES actually NOT dry the skin! Self Care 101 – count me in!!


  • Nutri Rich Moisturising Body Satin
    Nicknamed “Sensuality in a Can” – one spray and you are addicted!  A slight shimmer gives a radiant moisturized glow to the skin. Spray on for a perfect pick me up for a Self Care Solution!  Great for stretch marks and rehydration!


  •  Self Care in the finest Complete Set
    Wrap yourself in luxury with this indulgent Nutri Rich Body Set, enriched with the nourishing power of Apricot Kernel Oil to moisturise and nourish the skin!


One of my favourite feel-good self care activity is treating myself to a hair masque!
Smells Good, Feels Great!



As a natural blonde, the Nutri Rich Hair Repair+ Treatment Masque has become a part of my weekly Hair Care routine – I use it much like I use a mask for my face; once a week instead of conditioner.  Unlike some salon recommended products I have tried, the Nutri Rich Repair Hair Treatment Masque does not leave my hair feeling sticky or weighed down.  I have noticed a reduction in split ends, frizz and have even had compliments from my hairdresser on how healthy my hair is looking.


– Samantha


Remember to never be too busy for You!!

Kristie x

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Cornflakes, Raisins & Grapes

Cornflakes, Raisins & Grapes

Food! Food! Food!

 It is the one concept that most humans understand and love!  

And until we saw shows like
My Kitchen Rules, Great Australian Bakeoff and Masterchef,
our repretore of food language was pretty limited!

However, I am sure everyone would know what
a simple cornflake, raisin and grape was!!!

Lets look at the idea of using food in explaining
why the need for a complete skincare regime
would benefit our skin.

Remembering our skin is the largest organ in/on our bodies that needs to be looked after just as much as the lungs, heart and kidneys.

The Epidermis provides a waterproof barrier, protects the inner layers and creates our skin tone.

The Dermis is where hair follicles and sweat glands hang out.

Our third layer is deeper tissue known as the Hypodermis – made from fat and connective tissue!


Top Layer  – represents Cornflakes – dead skin cells

Middle Layer  – represents Raisins – dry, damaged skin cells

Bottom Layer  – represents Grapes – beautiful, smooth, youthful skin

Putting this concept into play with beauty now!

 Cornflakes can represent the dead layer of skin on top.

 If you ever tried to put a moisturizer or foundation on a cornflake, you will find it is never going to sit flush on the skin.  

If you have ever complained about a  handcreme that has never absorbed and sits wet’ on top of the skin, it is more than likely you have this layer of cornflakes (dead skin) sitting on top.

An exfoliator designed for the sensitivity of the face or body
is what will remove this gross layer.

A little gross fact

 (fascinating though)


Each of us will loose a two-storey home
full of dead skin over
our life time!!







 A little handy hint
(life changing hack)

 Exfoliate your legs before shaving, you will find your shave will last up to two weeks longer – because you are removing the dead skin, your razor will only catch hair.


Removal of the cornflakes exposes our second layer affectionately known as the raisin!

The raisin is the skin exposed, vulnerable and where our aging process can really get comfortable – you know like a couch potato!  It needs stimulation and motivation

If we do not look after this layer with our skincare regime of cleansing and toning, it becomes shrivelled up like a raisin.  We need to ensure that we moisturise our raisin, so our next layer of skin can be nice and plump like a juicy healthy grape!


Skin Solutions

Nutrimetics Naturally
Classic Care Collection

Enriched with nourishing Apricot Kernel Oil and more than 40 Botanical extracts, this Nutrmetics Skincare Collection will nurture your skin day after day, keeping it in optimal condition from youth to maturity.



An easy, simple routine to combat the crusty rough process of producing cornflakes.

If you are taking more that a couple of minutes to Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone and Moisturise, your are taking too long!

SOOOO dont tell me you do not ‘Have Time’ to look after your skin!

After all it is with us for LIFE!!

Scrub those Cornflakes Away!!

An exfoliator such as this Honey & Almond Scrub will remove those dead skin cells.

Finely milled particles buff away the build up of the gross ‘cornflakes’ on your skin. While the stimulation will increase radiance, and a healthy glow, it ultimately massages the ‘raisin’ to promote our plump ‘grape’!

You need Exfoliation!

It IS that SIMPLE!

Let me take you through this
simple process……….

Step 1:  Use your Cleanser in the shower to clean the daily dirt & grime from your skin.

Step 2: Once a week, use your exfoliator in the scrub, gently massage dead skin down the drain!

Step 3: Once out of the shower, and dried off, using your fingertips, pat your toner gently over your whole face.

Step 4:  Once you are dressed, apply your moisturiser generously over your face.

What are your eye concerns?

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Ageing Slowly and Gracefully!

Ageing Slowly and Gracefully!

I have become a recent user of Snapchat – slow I know – all these wonderful new social platforms we can play on!  My little niece loves to shock her Aunty with the crazy filters and antics she can create!  I love this interaction AND I love being able to put on filter across my own face – even if it includes bunny ears!

However, I was a little freaked out by the image before me with no filter, a close up of my face and……..

EEEEKKKKKKKK – there it was!!!!!!!! 

Wrinkles around my eyes!! ARRGHHHHHHH!!! 

Now at 45, I suppose this was going to start happening…

I am still wondering what happened to my 30s though!!


As we start to mature, we all have our own concerns –

Age Spots……………Broken Capillaries………. (sigh) Wrinkles 

Now I am not that vain that I want them to go completely…….. 

I just want to age gracefully and slllllooooowly!
(thankyou very much)

Turning 40 and beyond

There is a saying we have in the beauty circle –
when you turn 40 you earn the skin you deserve!  

If you neglect basic skincare, expect uneven skin and to age quicker. 

It is NEVER too early to start looking after you skin! 

 Yes that includes Eye Crème!


Kristie’s did you know………………

 In actual fact, the layers of skin around our eyes are 7 layers thinner than the remainder of skin on our face!  Our eye area, as many of you are aware, is much more sensitive than the rest of our face.

Hence, visible aging is generally first found around the delicate eye area. 

Lets explore a few of the symptoms!


Puffiness and swollen eyes concerns may stem from
allergies, being emotionally upset, heat, stress and exhaustion. 

Alcohol and smoking contribute to many skin problems,
and they also speed up that aging process.

The eye area has very few oil glands, hence the skin being dehydrated,
and that in returns creates dry, wrinkly and sagging skin.

Darkness around and under the eyes – this can be a combination of two things. 

Lack of sleep/stress and/or hereditary gene. 

Why do I have darkness under Eye?

   The cause of the darkness is because of compromised blood flow, environmental factors and as I mentioned the
thinner skin.  




  • Tight Firm & Fill Eye Serum
    An amazing eyecare solution produced by Nutrimetics

    Visible results are experienced within 15 minutes of application.

     Due to a little ingredient called a Tri-Peptide Complex – which in normal speaking terms, fills the contour of the wrinkled area, creating a smoother skin surface while also plumping and firming the sensitive skin.

     Enriched with

    Golden Chamomile to reduce under eye puffiness

    Cucumber extract for soothing sore, dry eyes 

    Algae Complex reducing the appearance of dark circles

My favourite feature
of this product is the unique
Micro-Rollerball applicator build
into the top of the serum.



The rollerballs are soothing, stimulating and make applying eye crème fun!

You can feel the circulation ‘bubbling’ around the eyes,
it is unique and a little quirky!

Easy Application Guidelines

Nutrimetics have also provided the customer with a user friendly massage guideline!!

Thankyou Nutrimetics – keeping it simple!

I am grateful for any hints, tips and tricks
that will assist my beauty regime





During summer pop this serum in the fridge to give those micro rollerballs the cool edge to massage the eye area.

Eye fact:

The perpetual motion of the 22 muscles around the eye create over 10 000 blinks per day!


Always leave home with your sunglasses, squinting, like many facial expressions cause lines to form!

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